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    Tewster becomes NC750X fan.

    If anyone follows ADVRIDER, Tewster Traveling Circus is big ride poster. He has decided for next years ride, he's building NC750X. You can follow his built on ADVRider. Seems everyone there is stoked, something we here have been for awhile. He started with GS1200 then Yamaha 250, this past trip...
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    Black Hills,SD

    Heading to SD/Wyo in Sept, seeking any advice for places/things to see. I have been there before and have seen the big sites. Looking for nice camping spots, eateries, curiosities etc. along the way. I would like to ride across northern Nebraska either going or coming from home in Pgh, Pa...
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    givi mounting hardware

    FOR SALE: monolock universal top plate fit kit(sku z113c2) retails $50, v35 side case hardware(sku plx1111) retails $243, and monorack for top plate(sku 1111f2) retails $112. Fits 2012-2015 NC's. $$$200$$$
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    knight designs wide foot pegs

    Selling my black anodized lower wide pegs for NC's 2012-2017. $100.File Not Foundwww.knighhtdesignllc.com/motorcycle/honda SOLD SOLD
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    HU meet/ Flying Monkey Adv Rally

    Riding out of Pa to attend HU meeting in Mariposa Ca Sept 21-24 then onto Zion for Flying Monkey Adv Rally Oct 5-8. Maybe I'll see you there!
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    klr 650

    Not sure if this has been discussed, anybody have experience with klr. I'm thinking a trading my vstrom for one. Thanks in advance!
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    Grand Canyon 30 day westward ho

    The Trip is planned, leaving June 2 to meet up with Banjoferg and Itlives. Itlives had the idea and I hopped on his bandwagon. Plenty of opportunity for others to join, always room at the campsite. Boatload of sites to see and ride thru-KS, CO, AZ, UT, NM.
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    So you know what an adventure MC is?

    Check this youtube clip-cycles south 1971 motorcycle adventure. Then try and figure which of the three riders is now known as "the most interesting man in the world". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8-l7ufP-I4
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    horizons unlimited Virginia meeting-who's going?

    I would like to attend-how many of you are definitely going? I went to Overland Expo West last May and had a great time. Best part was hooking with other riders along the way. I'm coming out of western Pa.
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    2015 travels

    Looking to go for a trip in 2015. if anyone has one planned and has room for another rider let me know perhaps I could join up with you. Thinking about attending Horizon Unlimited meeting in Virginia this April 2015.
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    Mid Atlantic Overland Festival

    Check out Overland Festival July 11 12 13 near State College, Pa. Should be great time if you're in the area. Only 4 nc700x made to the Overland Expo in Az this past May, the Expo was over run with BMW's. This is a local event- will not be as massive as the Expo.
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    overland expo

    I will be travelling to the Overland Expo in Arizona this May. Will be riding interstates until Amarillo,Tx then dropping down to Palo Duro Canyon for camp overnight. Bisecting New Mexico and arriving at Devil's Hwy at NM/AZ border and finally some backcountry roads up to Mormon Lake. Anyone for...
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    Good info

    For traveling info-try expeditionportal.com and unlimitedhorizins.com.
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    I live in the suburban Pittsburgh Township of Scott. Pla on using my 700x for touring and commuting. My first trip will be in May, willing be heading to Overland Expo at Mormon Lake near Flagstaff Az. May seem ambitous but have driven across country many times. I will post travel intinerary later.