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  1. New Commuter700

    '21 DCT - poor gas mileage

    I was commuting most work days on my bike before I quit last year. I am about the same height and weight as OP. I ride in Phoenix which is about as opposite to the Seattle area as one can get. It's flat and rarely rains here and of course, when it does rain, I rarely rode the bike. Mine is a...
  2. New Commuter700

    NC750X manual Power thoughts

    For years I complained that for some weird reason no one bothered to make an actual commuter bike. Yes, there were quite a few small displacement bikes that were billed as commuter bikes but to get them on the freeway everyday was just plain stupid. One had to run them close to redline just to...
  3. New Commuter700


    I have the Honda side cases but I went with an MMG top box. I was happy with it and it only cost about $60 when I bought it. It's a few dollars more now. I wanted more room so I tried another box but it would not hold my helmet so I sent it back and ordered This MMG top box. I am happy with this...
  4. New Commuter700

    Brake rotor machining + replacement

    Wow, I'm shocked. I had not priced them before. It's like I told the salesman when I bought the bike, bikes are more expensive than cars despite having half the wheels. That said I will probably be replacing mine next year and I'll probably go with the Galfer rotors.
  5. New Commuter700

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Oh yea, I've only scraped a footpeg a few times so it takes me by surprise. But I don't usually ride that aggressively. But probably more so since I no longer commute 100 miles a day:):(
  6. New Commuter700

    Summer Gloves

    In the Before I was riding 4 to 500 miles a week back and forth to work. Summer gloves are a necessity here in AZ and I wear them at least 8 months of the year. My biggest complaint was colors, most of them only come in black. I want people to see my hand (and finger) signals. I have now had 3...
  7. New Commuter700

    Is engine braking bad? I mean really braking by the engine...

    30 years ago I had a little Susucki 250. It. was. crap. but I had fun with it anyway. Everyday I would come home and as I approached the left turn into the trailer park I lived in I would drop gears quickly, dumping the clutch between each gear until I was going faster than the rear wheel was...
  8. New Commuter700

    Maintenance Schedule

    The filter replacement is not too hard, just keep track of the clips, screws and other pieces. But the filter is huge compared to some bike and even cars. In fact I think I posted before that it was bigger than the filter in my wife's v6 Toyota. When I changed it at 25,000 miles it looked like...
  9. New Commuter700

    How To That darn pointy seat

    It was black, one summer in the AZ sun took care of that.
  10. New Commuter700

    How To That darn pointy seat

    Amazon linky
  11. New Commuter700

    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    I was going to suggest that. A misaligned chain could be the cause of the noise. I use a cheap tool like this one. After pulling the rear wheel, checking that everything is lined up is a must.
  12. New Commuter700

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    I'm with State farm and since they lower my rate by around 5 percent a year, the policy on my car is not that bad and no one can beat it. But it has been over 20 years with that policy and they've never had to pay out for more than a windshield, and those don't count. The motorcycle is...
  13. New Commuter700

    How To That darn pointy seat

    I did something similar with mine. I doubled up a MadDog seat pad and installed it backward. It doesn't look great but I can ride it for a couple of hours without too much distress.
  14. New Commuter700

    Rounded off oil drain plug bolt, anyone know where I can get new one?

    The dealer broke the cylinder head cover bolt when putting the cover back on, those little things need so little torque on them that a torque wrench is a necessity. only 7 ft-lbs., which is easy to over-tighten with a 1/4 inch. Also be certain the cover is lined up. So yea, every time. As for...
  15. New Commuter700

    Bikemaster Tire Change Stand with Bead Breaker

    Motorcycle wheels don't fit well on the machines they use for car tires and can be damaged if they try. I suspect that most shops don't feel the cost of another machine would be justified.
  16. New Commuter700

    Down but not out!!!

    If I waited until it was below 86F I would only get 3 months of riding a year and the mornings would be cold.:eek:
  17. New Commuter700

    Question NC700X Covers- Outdoor storing

    My bike sits in the garage at home and I try to avoid riding in inclement weather. So the only cover I've used is a small cheap one to keep the sun off in the summer. It really helps when I come back from working all day when it's over 100 degrees. It keeps the seat cool enough to sit on and...
  18. New Commuter700

    General opinion on riding with backpack?

    I wore a backpack on my commute to and from work (100 miles round trip). The backpack was what I took with me in my truck to make sure that I didn't forget anything. There really is not a big difference in the ride, (imo) the pack mostly rested on the pillion seat. Do I prefer to ride without...
  19. New Commuter700

    Sidestand Strength

    I'm reading these posts and thinking about how I don't like using the left footpeg to get on, it feels like I might overbalance. But I don't need to, instead I grab my right shin and pull it over the seat (I am 56 with a bum leg after all). But I had never thought about using the right peg and I...