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  1. halfSpinDoctor

    Looking for some direction, literally.

    The Beeline looks awesome and I have always thought about getting one, but I just can't justify it at that cost considering 99% of trips I take I don't need navigation, and I have a perfectly good phone mount (two, actually) when I do need directions. I always thought about getting an old used...
  2. halfSpinDoctor

    Has anybody installed the R-Gaza Crash Bars Engine Guards?

    8 months later and I finally trimmed the U-bolts and put the provided rubber caps on. Looks much better! Before: After:
  3. halfSpinDoctor

    Fork Oil leak

    I've used the All Balls ones on my Ninja 250 and they were totally fine. That being said, I think the Honda OEM (Showa) seal set can be purchased for $20 per fork ($40 total), so for $8 bucks or so more it may be worth just going OEM. I think either is probably fine.
  4. halfSpinDoctor

    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    I think you are fine! I do these things because I like to tinker. As lootzyan pointed out, many of us drive 20+ year old cars with the original rubber hoses and how often do you hear of brake failures? However, most cars have two independent brake systems (usually upper-left/lower-right and...
  5. halfSpinDoctor

    Fenda Extenda…how to attach?

    Not commenting on fasteners vs. glue vs. double-sided adhesive, but I would suggest to remove the fender to install it. The fender is really easy to remove, and you will be much happier with the alignment of the extender and overall results by pulling it off the bike.
  6. halfSpinDoctor

    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    You are correct, braided stainless is not fluid-tight :). The inner tube is made from PTFE (Teflon). They probably do have a lifetime (everything does), but it is on the order of 20-25 years hence "life of vehicle".
  7. halfSpinDoctor

    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    I also installed them, and I love them. A lot of people feel that the rubber hoses are life-of-vehicle, and that's totally fine, however I was taught that rubber ones are life-limited parts that need replacement, whereas stainless braided hoses are not, so I decided to replace them and be done...
  8. halfSpinDoctor

    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    You can always bleed and replace brake fluid on systems with ABS, but without the special tool the fluid in the ABS unit will not be changed out. This should be fine if you regularly change your brake fluid, but might be a problem if it has been neglected for a long time and you want to ensure...
  9. halfSpinDoctor

    Stopping at a light? You're probably doing it wrong.

    FYI - motorcycle accident statistics (for the US) show that being rear-ended at a stop is one of the least common causes of motorcycle accidents. Not to imply you shouldn't protect against it, but that your efforts should be far more focused on known dangers such as cars turning left across your...
  10. halfSpinDoctor

    New Signals

    I also installed the ELFR-1-H and it works great. An electronic flasher relay should always flash at the same speed; i.e. the rate of flash is not dependent on the resistive load connected to the circuit. You can get the CustomLED flashers on eBay from the seller custom_led_llc...
  11. halfSpinDoctor

    Top Box Reflection

    I added LEDs to mine, both brake and turn signal. There is a y-splitter that plugs in to the tail light connectors (no wires needed to be cut), and a connector on the box. The cable tucks under the rear seat when it is not in use. It was a somewhat big project, but worth the effort. I think it...
  12. halfSpinDoctor

    Seat Concepts Seats

    I was joking, but thank you for the kind offer. I am in Madison, yes. Let me know if you ever make it up this way. I agree that it is great how people on this forum help each other out. Someone shipped me a perfect condition OEM muffler at cost after I crashed and messed mine up. I just mailed...
  13. halfSpinDoctor

    Seat Concepts Seats

    Now that you have one done for practice, can I send you mine to redo :)? It is far from perfect and it bothers me every time I see it. I'll even pay $25 :)
  14. halfSpinDoctor

    WRITE & WRONG: The Top 5 Things Motorcycle Reviewers Need to Get Over

    This article only affirms my belief that most professional reviews these days are for entertainment and do not actually provide critical feedback or in-depth information (beyond what you can just look up from a manufacturer's web site). For me, this applies to all areas: cars, motorbikes, tech...
  15. halfSpinDoctor

    Question YSS Front Suspension

    Drilling the damping rod was no big deal. The main annoyance was the fact that I didn't have the correct length Allen wrench/key to undo the two bottom bolts (it's kind of a reach so you need "medium" or "long" Allen sockets), and then when I jerry-rigged something together it slipped and messed...
  16. halfSpinDoctor

    Farkling up our new 21

    Thank you! These were the exact ones I had in my cart already. I didn't look into mounting brackets yet, so this will save me some research. I am not overly worried about durability. I do hope they last a good long time. But, electrical work does not scare me, so if I have to return / replace...
  17. halfSpinDoctor

    Farkling up our new 21

    Apologies if you already posted this and I am not seeing it -- did you get the lights installed? If so, are you happy with how they work? I am looking to add lights now that I got the R-Gaza engine guard bars installed last fall, and I think a no-name-brand Amazon option would be fine. I don't...
  18. halfSpinDoctor

    Turn signals and rear lights not working - RESOLVED!

    FYI - the stock relay flasher has unswitched power running in to it. This enables the feature where the four-way flashers will stay on if you turn them on, then turn off and remove the key from the bike. (They will not turn on if switched on while the bike is off, if already off). So, the turn...
  19. halfSpinDoctor

    Turn signals and rear lights not working - RESOLVED!

    Could be a bad flasher relay module. That would explain the turn signal issues, but not the brake lights. The module can be found under the left-hand side plastics on the 2013 model. You can either take off the entire left side plastics (this is what the shop manual specifies), or you can take...
  20. halfSpinDoctor

    What did you do to/with your other motorcycle/scooter/trike today?

    Last Saturday, I helped my friend pick up his first motorcycle: A 2007 Honda VT600C - Shadow VLX. Not at all my style of bike - cruisier, low down, short suspension, 35 deg rake angle, but I was all smiles test riding this thing around. Reminded me of learning to ride on my friend's 1980's...