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  1. mrbios

    My first bike ever! (NOOB)

    Amazing looking bike - the perfect adventure machine. Awesome upgrades. That was a great buy. I wonder why the guy sold it after putting so much into it?
  2. mrbios

    heavier spring for 2021 shock

    Try this: Rear Mono Shock Post
  3. mrbios

    Ohlins Shock $400

    How did you like it and was the compression and rebound adjustable?
  4. mrbios

    heavier spring for 2021 shock

    Thanks for the update and info. Upon doing more research the coils can be swapped out but the bottom coil seat needs to to either be replaced or have something added to keep a larger more common diameter spring centered. The spring Honda choose has an ID of 2" and most aftermarket coil springs...
  5. mrbios

    Shock Adjustment

    Brief Summary: 10 year old shock with 43K miles with no oil leaks and retains the gas pressure. -- but the ride is still harsh over bumps (I'm 163lbs). I will replace the coil with a lower spring rate but keep the worn shock and see how the ride is and report my findings. Then, if needed...
  6. mrbios

    heavier spring for 2021 shock

    Research shows that swapping out coils springs is a thing of the past. The problem with a complete assembly - shock & coil spring you can't select the spring rate and they don't specify the spring rate.
  7. mrbios

    Denali PowerHub 2 fuses: Mini = Mini ATC ?

    I need to replace a 7.5 A fuse after that burned out after trying to repair a junk LED add-on brake and tail light assembly that I bought on amazon - multiple wires pulled away from the solder and I had to guess where they went on the board and guessed wrong. I removed the offending accessory...
  8. mrbios

    This "slow, boring, commuter bike" reignited my love of riding

    There's a huge gap between advertising and reviews of the latest bikes and getting out and actually enjoying riding. Glad you are having a good adventure.
  9. mrbios

    Question NC700X 2012 - Lean Angle degrees?

    Lean angle question of NCX (whatever the degrees) Part II: While I have managed to scrape pegs on both sides it seems like that is farther than a person should be leaning on normal streets anyway. The two places this occurs are 1. from a stop taking a hard left turn and intentionally swinging...
  10. mrbios

    Question NC700X 2012 - Lean Angle degrees?

    Peg Risers - first thing I noticed.
  11. mrbios

    Question NC700X 2012 - Lean Angle degrees?

    I was looking at getting the Rebel 1100 which states that it has a lean angle of 27 degrees which is less than the NCX but I was unable to find the lean angle of my bike anywhere including searching this forum. What is the lean angle of the NC700X?
  12. mrbios

    Longer clutch cable for 700x 2012

    Where did you find the longer throttle cables?
  13. mrbios

    Removing Fuseblock

    Thanks I just put some in my shopping cart on Amazon. I've wanted this style of automotive plug for years. The quality and price compared to the junk at the auto store is amazing.
  14. mrbios

    Chain Slack

    When the sprockets are new the tension on the chain is the same. As the sprockets wear-out if the tire is rotated the chain will go from zero slack to almost too loose. Always rotate the wheel to find where the chain is tightest then adjust. Then rotate and fine the loosest part and...
  15. mrbios

    Need to change sprocket and chain.

    I would not change the the gearing because first and second gears already have a very short range before the rev limiter. Gearing it down further will require more frequent shifting. Gear it down by adding a much larger rear sprocket and add a cage -- if you want to learn how to do wheelies.
  16. mrbios

    Good Tires for Street Riding

    Thanks, I have about 4,300 miles on my Shinko Ravens and I'm hoping to get 10K+ miles out of the rear.
  17. mrbios

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone 1157 bulb not working.....

    I bought an LED Brake & Tail + signal light assembly ... Amazon - NTHREEAUTO LED Motorcycle Tail Light Integrated Brake Turn Signals License Plate Lights Universal Rear Taillight $18 5 + hours including identifying wires soldering Drilling holes in the LED assembly to make it fit etc. Next...
  18. mrbios

    Good Tires for Street Riding

    Shinko Ravens: Mileage / longevity is supposed to be excellent. I have had them for just about 1 year and 3,500 miles. Lean angle is good enough to scrape the foot pegs. I have "slipped" or caused the rear to "shift" when cornering and applying a little too much power. I think these tires...
  19. mrbios

    Losing my mind

    Great work! I also think there is great value in challenging the elements with a winter mc ride, a walk around the neighborhood etc. Also, when the weather start to warm up to 50F+ your ready to rock vs waiting for 70 or other perfect conditions. Also, riding in the rain with proper gear and...
  20. mrbios

    A quick Thanks

    Great Tony! In 2019 I purchased a 2012 NCX from original owner but super poorly maintianed with 33K on it. Now about to turn 40K and running great.