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  1. GregC

    Harley-Davidson suspends production for two weeks

    Wow: Harley-Davidson said Thursday it would temporarily halt production of all gasoline-powered motorcycles for two weeks “out of an abundance of caution,” due to an unspecified issue with a supplier’s component and a “regulatory compliance matter.” Production of electric LiveWire motorcycles...
  2. GregC

    Revzilla review of 2021 NC750

    Not a terribly flattering review from RevZilla … what a shock https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/2021-honda-nc750x-dct-automatic-first-ride-motorcycle-review?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=01/15/2022_CT_Generic_Generic_Campaign&utm_term=Common%20Tread%20%7C%20Combined
  3. GregC

    Question Question for MadStad owners ...

    Looking at buying a Madstad to replace my CalSci on my 2015 DCT. My CalSci is a "medium," which CalSci specs as 23.5 inches "overall height - OH" and 19 inches "relative height - RH." Madstad sizes from 16" to 24" in 2 inch increments. What I want to know is if Madstad measures from bottom...
  4. GregC

    Ignition slot not unlocking ... Help! SOLVED

    on my 2015 DCT -- moved the bike out of the shed this morning to do some work in the shed. I store the bike with the handlebars locked. I unlocked and started the bike with no issues. Engaged "D" and rode the bike 10 feet into my parking area. Got off, turned the bars full left as usual and...
  5. GregC

    Bikemaster Tire Change Stand with Bead Breaker

    So after getting up off the floor when the only local shop I found that would actually mount/balance tires wanted $75 (if you buy the tire from them, for about $10 more than I could get from Revzilla and others), I decided I was going to buy some tools to do this myself. Up till now, my brother...
  6. GregC

    Oil Extractor?

    I’m looking at a MityVac 7201 to do oil changes without jacking up my cars and was wondering if this would work on my 2015 NC700 DCT. Since the engine and tranny share the oil I wasn’t sure if extracting through the dip stick port would get it all. Thanks
  7. GregC

    EBC HH Rear Pads for 2015 DCT

    Looking to see if anyone can confirm the correct part number for the EBC HH pads for the REAR on a 2015 NC700x DCT (US model). I’m having a hell of time getting correct part numbers from EBC catalogs, google, dealers, etc. Thanks to DDuelin I got the correct front pads, but the rear pads I was...
  8. GregC

    Brake bleeder hose diameter

    Hoping to replace brake pads this weekend on my 2015 DCT (EBC HH pads). Will change the brake fluid while I’m at it. Question: what diameter bleeder hose? I’ve seen both 1/4” and 3/8” quoted. I’m using the stock bleeders in the 2-man operation (no speed bleeders or vacuum system). Thanks...
  9. GregC

    Dealer and Oil Pan Plug [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]

    I let the dealer do the last oil change since it was in for it’s 16,000 and would be the last major service while still under the extended warranty. Went to change the oil today and the damned plug was way over torqued, and I ended up stripping it [emoji37]. Tried every tool I have - it’s...
  10. GregC

    VFR1200X vs NC700x

    Last thread I’ve seen on the VFR1200X is 3 years old and was curious what the current thinking is of the current VFR as a “step up” from the NC700x. Shaft drive seems nice, the greater power also nice. Just pondering in the “I wonder what another DCT would be like.” Not really interested in a...
  11. GregC

    2015 DCT wide footpads

    anyone have any experience with these: For CBR1000RR Fireblade 2008-15 Anti-slip Front Wider Foot Pegs 40mm Extension | eBay I'm looking for wider/sturdier footpads and not interested in the price of the SW Motechs. Concern with the above is whether the adjusting screw is sturdy enough or...
  12. GregC

    2015 DCT Brake Replacement

    I’m going to be replacing front and rear brakes on my 2015 DCT. My question is what miscellaneous parts should I replace, rather than reuse, while I’m at it (pins, springs, bolts, etc. )? I’ve looked at the Babbitt’s part list but it’s so detailed it’s not terribly instructive Thanks...
  13. GregC

    North to Alaska …

    Just finished a week in Alaska. Did about 1,500 miles on a rented BMW 700GS. Did the Dalton to Coldfoot - lost our weather window so could not get to Deadhorse, but utterly amazing nonetheless. Went to Wiseman (about 15 miles north of Coldfoot - and completely off the grid). Road back through...
  14. GregC

    A motorcyclist is killed by a bolt of lightning in Florida

    Holy [email protected]!!! We have to worry about THIS now?!?!? Bolt of lightning kills motorcyclist in Florida - CNN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. GregC

    Evotech Radiator Guard

    Santa brought me an Evotech radiator guard. Installed it today and taking the bike out for a “test ride.”[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. GregC

    Barkbuster Storm

    Apologies in advanced because I know this has been discussed to death, but there are too many looong threads. Just want someone who has done it to confirm that you can install Barkbuster Storms on a DCT (mines a 2015) WITHOUT removing the internal weights. Seems I’ve read that but cannot now...
  17. GregC

    Forum problems?

    Anyone else having difficulty with the forum over the last 48 hours (it’s now ~3pm EDT 9/25). I had a hard time accessing the forum and it looked like a server issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. GregC

    New Garmin and windscreen turbulence

    So I bought the new Zumo 396 LMT-S on sale after using a 660 for the last couple years. It has the Garmin “curvy roads” feature and a bunch of other upgrades. It works quite well, and the curvy roads function actually works surprisingly well. It can also plan round trip based on distance or...
  19. GregC

    Another HUD Helmet ...

    Another startup taking a shot at the HUD helmet market. After Skully's collapse (which one writer described as "Skully folded after it allegedly blew the $2.4 million of investment funding on strippers, Lamborghini rentals, and other non-motorcycle helmet-related stuff"), we'll see how this...
  20. GregC

    I give up -- New Shock ordered

    went for 3 day trip to WV, riding was great but suspension is just not cutting it and I give up ... have ordered a new Ohlins shock and RaceTech fork springs for my 2015 DCT. I have the stock spring cranked down to where there's not much spring left ... I considerably exceed the target design...