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  1. 670cc

    90 Miles Per (US) Gallon on the NC700X

    First, the history: Back in May, 2013, on a still fairly new NC700X, I happenened on the Blue Ridge Parkway after gassing up at Cherokee, North Carolina, USA. I was heading northeast as far as I could go in the daylight available. As I rode at a leisurely legal pace, I realized based on the...
  2. 670cc

    The Scary Bridge

    Two years ago, I crossed a bridge riding the NC over the Ohio River in southern Illinois, US Highway 45. That bridge ride scared me so badly I refused to return back over it. I went out of my way to avoid it on the return trip. I pride myself on being able to safely handle surfaces like sand...
  3. 670cc

    !!Cancelled!! 2022 Land of the Dragon Gathering !!Cancelled!!

    !! Cancelled. !! Old timers on the forum would know that the group has historically held a motorcycle gathering in the Smoky Mountains area of western Tennessee/eastern North Carolina (USA) in mid to late may. The group that shows up ranges from around 10 to 20 people, some on NCs and some on...
  4. 670cc

    Looking for actual waterproof boots

    I have a pair of Alpinestars Roam 2 boots labeled as "waterproof". They may have been semi-waterproof at one time, but they might as well now be perforated sponges is a heavy rain. Water gets inside freely, but cannot get back outside, which is a recipe for severely wrinkled feet by the end of...
  5. 670cc

    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    It’s 2022, and a new thread! What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?
  6. 670cc

    Which is better, shims or screw and locknut valve adjustment?

    I just did a valve clearance check on my car’s 1600cc in line four engine. It is built somewhat like a motorcycle engine. If I remember right, Yamaha was partly involved in the early version of this engine design. Anyway, the double overhead cams actuate tappets directly. There are no rockers...
  7. 670cc

    Changed the DCT oil today

    At 137,000 miles, 13,000 miles early, I decided to change the DCT oil, in my car. It was a bit difficult to reach the drain and fill plugs, but with the car raised off the ground and the left wheel removed, I got it done. It uses only 2 quarts but the oil sells for almost $20/quart. I sure...
  8. 670cc

    Why I don’t worry about the air filter

    The Honda maintenance schedule for the NC recommends air filter replacement at 12,000 miles. I do mine at 24,000 miles, no sooner. The NC air filter area looks very large, to me, compared to other vehicles. I compared an NC filter to a Dodge V6 3604cc engine’s air filter. The NC filter measures...
  9. 670cc

    It was time to add something different to the fleet

    I like having multiple motorcycles of different styles because I enjoy the diversity, and it's nice having the right tool for the job at hand. Current fleet of six (2 are the wife's) contain a diverse mix. Engines run from 49cc to 1832cc (the big one 37 times the size of the smallest). Wheel...
  10. 670cc

    Yet another new tire delivered

    UPS brought another NC tire to my front porch today. Since some tires for our other bikes are showing unavailable at this time, I been getting a little nervous about shortages, thus I'm keeping more new tires on hand. This year looks to be a busy tire changing year, with five total tire changes...
  11. 670cc

    Slippery Pilot Road 4

    I bring up this topic out of curiosity about others' experience. I am running a Michelin Pilot Road 4 up front and it is now well into it’s second half of life. When I was in the Smokies last spring and the tire was mid life, I noticed the front tire slip out a few times in corners. I though it...
  12. 670cc

    Question Pirelli MT60 tread life?

    I have a set of Pirelli MT60 tires for the NC that I have not yet mounted. I was wondering if anyone has experience with them and could tell me how many miles they lasted. If I were to mount these tires before a long trip, I would want to know if they would easily survive for 5 or 6 thousand...
  13. 670cc

    Question DCT downhill engine braking

    Late model DCT owners, I have a question regarding downhill engine braking. A long time ago I was riding a DCT, and I think at the time it as a CTX700. It would have had what I believe was called the second generation DCT. (D or S, no S1,2,3). On the test ride there was a steep downhill section...
  14. 670cc

    Good idea to check motorcycle for loose nuts

    Based on personal experience with my cars and motorcycles, I change the air filters about every 24,000 miles. Well, today I removed the top cover off the NC700X airbox, and the filter comes off with the top. I heard something rattling inside. I thinking maybe some hardware came loose? What...
  15. 670cc

    Honda US site now showing 2021 CRF300L and Rally

    I noticed changes to the American Honda US motorcycle web site today. CRF250s were replaced by the 300s. https://powersports.honda.com/
  16. 670cc

    Garmin 396LMT GPS review

    Here is a first impression review of my newly acquired Garmin zumo 396LMT GPS. It was on sale for $229, so at that price I bought one to try out. Background: I have been using Garmin brand GPS units since they were hand held single receiver multiplexed units with no maps. The first one was a...
  17. 670cc

    What did you do to/with your other motorcycle/scooter/trike today?

    Some people have two-wheel or three-wheel riding machines other than the Honda NC series. Here is a place to post about what you did to or with those machines today!
  18. 670cc

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    It’s a new year, and a new thread for: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?
  19. 670cc

    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    I’m planning a longer NC trip soon and shopping for some different side cases. I have SW-Motech racks that mount Givi/Kappa Monokey cases. Over many years of experience, I have learned that I very much prefer top loading sides cases, not the split suitcase style. The current choice in top...
  20. 670cc

    Riding near Jasper, Arkansas August 3-6, 2020

    The weather forecast for Jasper, Arkansas next week predicts daily high temperature In the upper 70s (F) with dewpoint in the 50s. It looks like a rare break from summer heat, so I will be heading that way to ride on Monday through Thursday. On Friday, the temperature gets up in the 80s so I’ll...