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  1. wingnut

    For Sale well sorted 2014 NC700X 6 speed with tons of upgrades $4500 obo

    SOLD!!! Full Farkled 2014 NC700X 6 speed with tons of upgrades $4250 Up for sale is my 2014 NC700x with a ton of upgrades. Starting with an aftermarket pipe that makes it the best NC700 you'll ever hear to Corbin Seats front and rear, bar backs/risers, acerbics hand-guards with adjustable...
  2. wingnut

    Knight Design 1 1/4" lowered pegs Wanted

    Knight Design 1 1/4" lowered pegs BOUGHT! looking for a set in either color. Anyone have some they're not using before I bite the bullet?
  3. wingnut

    Anyone running Heated Gear?

    Just moved over from a R1200GS and I'm wondering if anyone is running heated gear. Can the NC700 charging system support it? I run a jacket and gloves. Would love to add grips too... am I pushing the envelope???
  4. wingnut

    Top Case wanted complete set-up

    I have the stock bags and am looking for a complete setup. What have you got?
  5. wingnut

    Which top box can I get with these bags???

    Hi I have these bags and wanted to add a GIVI Monokey. Does anyone know if I can with tis configuration? Or do I have to use the stock Honda box since I have the Honda bags and grab bars?
  6. wingnut

    Added Hyper-Lites to my NC "Can you SEE me NOW"???

    Hyper-Lites on NC700X - YouTube :cool: I commute 150 miles a week in NYC and just want to be seen.
  7. wingnut

    Stock Tail Light Parts

    PARTS GONE: Stock Tail Light Parts Put on a tail tidy. Will give the stock parts to whoever needs them for cost of shipping.I'll ship and you paypal me back when you get them.
  8. wingnut

    Lower Pegs???

    Does anyone have suggestions for pegs that would lower my feet a little and take pressure off a bad back?
  9. wingnut

    Wanted: Corbin Front & Rear

    Found: Corbin Rear Seat Found: Thanks
  10. wingnut

    Which seat to get? Sergeant or Corbin???

    I've had Corbins on many bikes but have heard they've gone to crap since they changed hands. Is this true? I need something with a good passenger seat for my Mrs. Thoughts?