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    Givi engine guards for sale

    Givi engine guards TN1111 part # P218085. Came off a 2018 nc750x. According to Revzilla can fit 2012-2020. Asking 120$ with free shipping to the lower 48 states. Photos both on and off the bike.
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    Question Are Arai actually safer?

    I’m hunting for a new safe helmet and wondered if anyone has seen actual data that the Arai round design is actually safer from a rotational energy standpoint? They make a big deal about their round design but I haven’t seen anything to prove it
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    Interesting fact about Sharp testing

    So I’m on the hunt for a new helmet and am looking at the UK sharp test and found something interesting. The Sharp test is conducted at 6, 7.5 and 8.5 m/s on both a flat and ‘kerb’ anvil. This is significant because ece 22.05 maxes out at 7.5 m/s, ece 22.06 stops at 8.2 m/s and snell only goes...
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    Question EK screw type master link

    Has anyone used an EK screw master link? It promises easier and more consistent install using only a pair of pliers and an 8mm wrench. I really like the simplicity of it vs a rivet style. My concern is the rivet leaves some extra bits hanging off the side which could rub. Thoughts or experiences??
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    Question Waxed cotton abrasion

    I have seen a number of allegedly protective clothing pieces made from Waxed Cotton or a wax cotton blend. I understand the attraction but does anyone know how abrasion resistant that material actually is? Aerostitch only says ‘you’d be surprised’ compared to their 500d cordura.
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    Information Tear and seam strength for CE ratings

    So after talking with a gear manufacturer in Europe I was able to get some specs on the actual requirements for tear and seam strength for the different grades of CE certified gear. I've attached below. For the metrically challenged among us, The seam strength requirements for AAA gear is...
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    Question Mirror wideners?

    Anyone know of a good set of mirror wideners that will fit the 16-20 nc750x? Revzilla has generic and SW Motech has ones for “Honda”. Not sure if there is something special about ours or no. Any help is appreciated.
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    Question Adventure helmet style?

    So I’m looking for a new helmet to upgrade from my Fly racing lid but I have to ask, What is the point of the visor/beak on so many of these dual sport adventure helmets? Is there any advantage when just riding street?
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    Question MIPS??

    So I ran across a new to me helmet technology called MIPS that promises a 10% reduction in rotational force during an accident by allowing the helmet to slip slightly using a built in internal liner. They don’t claim helmets with this technology are safer or will reduce concussions but I’m very...
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    Bodywork swap?

    Might seem silly but are the different colored body panels from the NC750s 2018-2020 interchangeable? I have red but that makes the bike go too fast for me and I’d like to slow it down with the Blue. Just want to make sure they are all the same before I order anything.
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    Turn signal issue

    So quick question. Are the turn signals supposed to stay lit as running lamps? It’s one of those things I’ve never paid much attention to until now. I’m sure they are but my left one isn’t and my right one is. I think I damaged my left lamp and need to replace it. Does anyone have an idea...
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    Garage door opener

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good motorcycle specific garage door opener? I found a company ‘mo-door’ that sells them but I have no experience.
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    High viz vest recommendation

    If anyone is interested in a high quality high viz vest, I recently got one from Motoport. It’s made from their 1000d Cordura and is cut on the generous side. I got the l/xl but likely should have gotten the medium. Even being slightly baggy it’s pretty nice and doesn’t flap around at freeway...
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    Givi e22 bags, tougher than you think

    Discovered that the E22 side cases are somewhat impact resistant. Coming home today a car pulled out in front of me and I jammed the brakes swerved a little but still managed to tag the front of the VW. I was going maybe 15 mph but the bags didn’t have a scuff on them. I’m pretty happy. My high...
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    Is Aerostitch worth it?

    I’m looking at riding gear again and have heard folks wax poetic over Aerostitch. I like the made in USA factor but it is eye wateringly expensive. There is no CE certification listed on these bad boys. My question, are their jackets and pants protective enough to justify the price? I’m not...
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    750 rear rack on a 750?

    Does anyone happen to know if the rear rack from a nc750x will fit on the nc700x? Thanks.
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    Other high mpg bikes?

    So one of the huge perks for me is the 68 mpg I can get from the NC. Are there any other bikes above 350 cc that even come close? The only other I found was Royal Enfield claims about 58 mpg on their interceptor 650. Seems like anything else with decent power is 50 or less.
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    Where to buy new chain and sprocket

    I’m looking at getting my next chain and sprocket set early to have on hand. Is there a good place to buy them and is there a brand that will last longer than stock? My usual go to websites (Revzilla and sport bike track gear) don’t seem to carry any thing
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    Mold release agent?

    Got a new tire put on, shinko 009 at the recommendation of the folks here, and the dealer told me to be extra careful for the first hundred miles as there is some kind of slickness on the outside of the tire. I’m assuming this would be mold release agent from the factory but can anyone confirm...
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    Exhaust protection

    Is there an exhaust protector for the nc750x and their oddly shaped exhaust?