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  1. Jphenry

    New Skid Plate

    Just installed a T-Rex skid plate on my 2017nc700. Looks great. Now waiting on my"Pretender" sticker for the windshield...
  2. Jphenry

    Brazil’s President

    This photo has probably been seen by the forum, just in case. The President of Brazil...
  3. Jphenry

    Looking for 1973 Honda CB450

    Looking for 1973 Honda CB450
  4. Jphenry

    Need Help Engine PFI light on after fuse replacement.

    Thought I would put louder horn on nc700. Blew the horn fuse; put original horn back on with new fuse. Now PFI engine warning light is on engine is running. OM says take it to the dealer. Other suggestions?
  5. Jphenry

    Information New Member

    Recently sold my ST1100 and purchased New 2017 nc700x. Relieved not having to deal with ST anxieties any longer. Looking forward to being part of the discussion.