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    Have to sell my 2014 NC750X

    Hi, 2 years past with very little time to ride, and looks like my upcoming third kid won't add any minute next season as well... Is there anyone from BC Canada looking for one? the bike is like new still and has center stand, Madstad screen, all 3 Givi Trekker boxes
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    Trade 22" Madstad LITE GRAY Glass for a CLEAR one

    Decided to keep the one I have, like the big mounting plate of the first generation screen better. Can close the thread now. ********************* I think to get a clear windshield for my Madstad as I'm commuting at night time mostly now. Just checking if anyone would be interested...
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    Trade 20" Madstad LITE GRAY Glass for a CLEAR one

    I think to get a clear windshield for my Madstad as I'm commuting at night time mostly now. Just checking if anyone would be interested, otherwise I'd sell it and would buy a clear glass. My windshield is from the first generation of Madstad screens for your bikes. Let me know
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    Where to rent a bike in Orlando, FL?

    Hi all! I'm going to Orlando and couldn't find any other rentals except for eagle riders. Are there any other companies? I'd like to ride around while my girls doing Disney stuff. I would also appreciate any info about best places to ride to. It's my first time in Florida, so have no idea...
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    Ethanol in fuel

    Good article Fuck ethanol: The rant - Common Tread - RevZilla My friend who was working in Honda service told me to use regular gas with 10% alcohol only when I'm about to use the whole tank within a week at most. It is good for road trips when you fill up every 300 km several times a day or...
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    Would you rent your bike?

    I was using these guys once in across the fence, and thought it might be cool to be able to rent a bike like that. They are totally like Airbnb for accommodation, but provide car rental services from private people. https://relayrides.com/ Just curious if many people would use it, as...
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    RIE-ON Smart Cap

    As I'm about to change my worn tire I will use ride-on sealant with the new wheel. Would these cps make any sense? $40 seems a bit too much for such a thing but maybe you have some good experience to share? Would you buy them? SCLPV2-BP2 LED Smart Cap TPMS Ver 2 for Motorcycles w/ RSA -...
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    Long distance tire

    So my Yellowstone trip led me to LA in some weird way and now I'm on almost bald rear tire. Too bad, as I rode it just for 5600km. Please advice a good long distance riding tire and a nice place to get it in Northern California. I don't think I will be able to ride it longer than to San...
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    Vancouver BC - Yellowstone 2015

    So we are finally doing it! That is the planned route, but we will see where the wheels roll. You guys are very welcome to catch us at any point for a ride/coffee stop/camp BBQ/beer/testing NC750 vs 700 (this activity is possible before beers only;)) Please let me know what is worth seeing...
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    Honda Lock into Givi box

    Did anyone try the subject? Is it possible at all? I hate to carry lots of keys and would pay extra to be able to open my box with the Honda key while waiting for the day when I will be able to start my bike and open any of my doors with my fingerprint:cool:
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    Kijima engine guard. Tested... ((((

    So I did it... Here is my portion of embarrassment: stalled it at the exit of my building parking. Stopped uphill to give a way for a passing car and something went wrong:rolleyes: I had a total under 600km riding experience before I bought my NC750 new and this Kijima was the first thing...
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    GIVI vs KAPPA top boxes

    So I was looking to buy a nice box for my ride and stuck between Givi and Kappa. Different forums and reviews didn't help much as all opinions are pretty much controversial. Eventually I decided not to take any chances and ordered a Givi Trekker 52l as my main box. several days later (last...
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    How Long will NC700X last?

    For those who is still thinking if this bike worth their attention and will it last them long enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei0rR6pScXg Please read the comments under video, the author continues the maintenance with the odometer log.
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    Unexpected NC700X review

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g26qXWGSUY4 Starting from the first minute it was clear for me - nothing good in conclusion))))) Rider's "gear" in the beginning suggested the riding style in the middle... His resume following the order he was talking: - partially liked the suspension - very...
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    Fallen NC700X - sliders tested

    Found this on the Russian NC700X forum. Looks like sliders worked well along with the back metal guards... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqF4UKX65vk
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    Daytona Multi Wing Carrier question

    I'm thinking of buying this rear rack and a bit confused with the "Maximum Carryihg Weight: 6kg" according to specifications. Does anyone have an experience? I suggest this is more of a "liability" limitation, but want to be sure I would be able to use it with the Givi Trekker 52L box which...
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    Insurance. lets compare or help each other to find the best rate in your area!

    Hi, I got a quote from my agent and want to check with some of local guys and maybe get an advice if you have a better coverage at a better price whatever... To make it clear: 1.this is damage only (no third party liability) 2. I'm paying already close to 100/month to our ICBC for...
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    Not only the road can be slippery when wet...

    I was putting my bike on the center stand after a rainy ride and did it as usual - stepping on the stand while holding the bike without forcing it up or backward. But my foot slipped off the stand when it was "almost there" and my foot ended up right under the stand. The bike leaned the opposite...
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    Getting ready to order from WEBIKE

    So I'm going to buy a couple of center stands for my buddy and myself from here HONDA : Main Stand [08M70MGSJ10], maybe something else will catch my eye later. But the trick is they ship for free only orders over $500. For those who can meet me in Bellingham, Vancouver BC or somewhere around...