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    Handlebar and Mod Setup

    I am in the process of installing a combo 12v socket/USB outlet on my handlebars and I thinking there has got to be a better way to arrange things on my handlebars. Currently, I have Barkbuster Storms, on/off switch for running lights, a button for a garage door opener, phone mount on a Ram...
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    What's in your Frunk?

    I added luggage today to the NC. So I started to rethink what best to keep in the Frunk since I can now store my helmet in the topbox. At the moment in my Frunk I have my registration, insurance card, $20, Rok straps, tool roll, compressor and a flat repair kit. I have ordered a pair of tool...
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    Anyone Recognize these LED lights and mounts?

    I just posted pics of 2 NC's I saw in Europe on the "seen in the wild" thread. While zooming to get a close look at all the farkle's on the NC in Zurich, the LED lights caught my attention. Nice clean attachment to the engine guards without bulky Lamphus mounting clamps I used on my engine...
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    Did you add a Fuse Block to your NC?

    Have you added a fuse block to your NC to connect your accessories? If so what fuse block did you get and where did you mount it?
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    Windscreen cleaning and scratch removal

    I thought I had heard once to only use water to clean the windscreens but I found in the FAQ's on the Madstad site their recommendations. I bought both the PlastX and the All Kleer (motorcycle). I tried the PlastX first on my yellowed headlight covers on my car first before going anywhere near...
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    LED Headlight Upgrade legit?

    I need some confirmation or an education on this. I purchased an LED bulb for my 2015 NC700x. Selected the bulb from the Phillips bulb chart at Philips Bulb Look-up | 2015 HONDA MOTORCYCLE NC700X and ordered it via Amazon at Amazon.com: HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit...
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    How much should it cost to shave a seat?

    My wife wants to be a little more flat footed on her 2017 CB500x so I took her seat into 2 different auto upholstery shops to see about shaving an inch off. To me that is a more attractive solution to try first before trying to lower the bike. First shop I went to also makes custom motorcycle...