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  1. sumo69

    New female rider

    My wife rides a 2014 NC700S.
  2. sumo69

    Same chain, different slack?

    front, rear gear and chain are all worn aside therefore hard, loose alternately
  3. sumo69

    Oil Extractor?

    im want such a pump
  4. sumo69

    Same chain, different slack?

    1. a lánc száraz, nem mozog (hullámos) 2. nc motor rossz járás, a 6. fokozatban jól érzi magát a lánc jobban nyújtódik egy helyen, a lánckerék is rossz kopás, csak a hajtás teljes cseréje lehetséges
  5. sumo69

    How much does battery brand matter for the NC?

    I bought a Yuasa YTZ12S battery for 1.5 months. in my experience european engine batteries are not good, max 2-3 years of life car battery in a well-functioning car, normal use cheap battery is just as good as expensive
  6. sumo69

    Setting off in 2nd gear

    the clutch is not cheap HONDA has calculated the best for the engine I also started the 2nd gear, I think the engine didn't want to (sorry)
  7. sumo69

    upgrade 2021?

    whoever has little power and gets it next year will also be little, and then wants more handle what you have !!!
  8. sumo69


    Due to COVID-19 there is a restriction in Hungary. What restrictions do you have?
  9. sumo69

    Anyone used HiFlo air filter? opinion

    I have been using a Hiflo air filter for 2 years, it works fine, does not cause over consumption and collects dust which means it does its job. (i don't drive dusty)
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