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  1. easterncoyote

    Riding with a passenger

    I have agreed to take a woman I met for a ride this weekend, at her request. I am feeling kind of nervous about it, because I haven’t ridden with a passenger in 35 years ( I just got back into riding again 3 years ago). How does the NC handle with a passenger? Any tips would be appreciated...
  2. easterncoyote

    Offering new riders advice

    The other day I was sitting outside Starbucks on Brant St in Burlington when a young guy rode up on his new cbr300r with his girlfriend on the back. I struck up a conversation. He said he got his motorcycle licence 2 weeks ago. I noticed they were both wearing running shoes, he had jeans on, and...
  3. easterncoyote


    Sorry if this has been discussed, which I’m sure it has, but could people please give me advice on a backrest? I’m looking for something for me, not a passenger. Thank you.
  4. easterncoyote

    Air Filter

    The manual says to replace the air filter at 19,000 km, but doesn’t say where it is. Can someone help me out please? Is this something I can do myself? Thank you.
  5. easterncoyote

    Rough cold idle

    I picked up my brand new 750 DCT last week, trading in my CBR500R. I really like the motorcycle, especially the automatic transmission. However, when I start the bike, the idle is rough and erratic until it warms up, and if I try to ride it, it will hesitate. Even when it warms up, I can still...