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    Heated seat without a true mod?

    Hi all, I want a heated seat for the upcoming cold weather riding. I don't want to spend many hundreds on a new Sargent heated seat with built in controller, wiring, etc. My question is there any 12 volt heated seat pad available that can plug into my 12 volt accessory socket?
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    Almost a face plant...

    Hmmm. There are people out there who try to get rear ended for their next law suit. Glad your safe and whole.
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    Can happiness be found with DCT?

    Thanks for this thread, I've really enjoyed reading it. I bought my DCT new in the summer of 2012. I had no trouble getting used to it and, so far, not a single issue. I truly love the bike and think it might be the perfect bike for me. For me, it's strictly a commuter and short-ride fun...
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    Best seat fix, what say ye?/How are Shad owners liking theirs?

    I'm also interested in the Shad, but I watched a guy on Youtube install the Shad on his NC and then the pillion would'nt pop up like it is supposed to when you get gas. Has anybody encountered this problem w/ Shad?
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    Windshield Recommendation - Barkbusters and Rox Risers

    If anyone else needs another suggestion, I've got 2" Rox anti-vibe risers, Barkbusters Storm guards and an MRA Vario touring screen. Everything works great together. I especially love the Rox and the Storm guards. MRA screen is good too.
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    Heavy backpack - question to regular commuters

    Maybe redundant, but I love the Honda top box/Frunk combination. I use both just about every time I ride. Sometimes add a backpack too. Wish I'd documented all the stuff I've hauled. Boss asked me to pick up a large case of tee shirts the other day. No problem! I got to leave work and take...
  7. NC700x at WWII Memorial Omaha

    NC700x at WWII Memorial Omaha

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  12. Middle School!

    Middle School!

    This is my bike at work, and where I went to school as a kid. It was called Junior High back then.
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    pointless hand guards

    Is it just me? When I ride up to speed on the interstate it feels like the wind is trying to blow my fingers off the grips. Then I overcompensate and grip too tightly. Then I got Barkbusters and they make all the difference. Wouldn't want to ride without anymore.
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    Honda top case--Givi/Kappa equivalent

    Don't know about the other brands, but I love the Honda box on my NC. It's perfect, and probably worth the extra bucks for a new one.
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    Rox Riser Anti-vibration installed.

    Agree! I installed the Rox Anti-vibs a while back and they're a really nice mod, especially if you suffer from carpal tunnel like I do. And I love the extra 2 inches up. Comfortable!
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    Vibranator- has anyone try this?

    I installed the Rox Anti-Vibe 2" risers. I've got carpal tunnel too, and these risers do make a difference. I still can't ride more than about 45 minutes before having an issue. They're pricey, but I recommend the Rox.
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    Anyone have experience riding in Mexico?

    I speak Spanish and have been to Mexico and CA a number of times. I love it and always return wanting more. On one trip I helped drive an old school bus from Seattle to San Salvador. I've never ridden a motorcycle south of the border. Don't mean to discourage you, but did they ever find the...
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    MRA VarioTouringScreen with Rox Risers

    Yes, I have the MRA Vario screen with 2" Rox Anti-vib Risers. I love the screen and I love the Rox anti-vibs even more. No clearance issue at all. It was a bit hard to get enough brake cable to make it work. I had to move the brake lever to the left. It worked! No more vibrations at all...
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    ROX 2" Risers on DCT?

    I put the Rox anti-vibe 2" risers on my DCT. It was a little hard getting enough cable, but it worked. The brake cable was the issue and I had to move the lever over to the left quite a bit. It was totally worth it. I really didn't think the anti-vibe feature would help my tingling/carpal...
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    People seem to like it!

    Apparently it looks different enough from the average bike to elicit a response. I've had several people smile and say, "Wow, I've never seen one like that before." I think they're used to seeing mostly cruisers and sport bikes in my part of the world.