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  1. Janus

    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Pulled my wheel off to replace my rear bearings. Broke one of those rubber dampeners somehow after it fell out of the chainring spider and landed on the ground. Then I remembered the last time I did my bearings I did it at my buddy's and I only have bearing install tools. I don't even have a...
  2. Janus

    First impressions Michelin Road 5's on my 2021

    That is a question I'll never be able to answer. I don't air down and my opinions on the matter approach "what's the best kind of oil" thread levels of unfounded certitude. I run stock pressure no matter what I do :cool:
  3. Janus

    First impressions Michelin Road 5's on my 2021

    I've been rolling on R5s for the last three sets. I live in Washington. I shouldn't need to say why that might matter. I find them to be tolerable, but not inspiring, in gravel. It can be done. Just not quickly.
  4. Janus

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

    He helps with feliney arrests
  5. Janus

    Rear wheel bearing failure

    For the second time my bearings have begun to squeal and honk. Last time I replaced all of my bearings with Honda's OEM parts. With a sample size of two, my average bearing life is ~28k miles. Since it has happened before I don't feel inclined to just use the expensive but seemingly inadequate...
  6. Janus

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Generally good advice for all seasons
  7. Janus

    Question How do you jack this dang thing up?

    I was witness to one of these being used in the field (literally, a big grass one) and it seemed fine. Now, removing and reinstalling the front axle without a torque wrench or even the right sockets.... That I would not recommend.
  8. Janus

    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    There are actually two, if you're thinking of one on the peninsula. There's one on the eastern section of US 101 and another on WA 3
  9. Janus

    Question 700 vs 750

    2017 USA 700X came in "Candy Red" which is the fastest red
  10. Janus

    So it's true

    Ugh just spotted the chain drive Honda why? Bring back the ST1300
  11. Janus

    So it's true

    No frunk? Excuse me Honda but you have committed a grave error
  12. Janus

    Question MIPS??

    I used to work in a bicycle shop and— if the claims are true— MIPS is a fantastic system and should definitely be considered for purchase. I'm not sure how much more useful it would be inside a moto helmet since the key feature is controlled slipping. If your helmet is slipping, you've got...
  13. Janus

    Question What if there's a gas shortage this winter?

    $20 in 1890 is roughly $600 today. A new Colt Single Action Army looks to be $1800 new. Not sure what you mean. On the other hand, the Honda C100 'Cub 50' in 1965 sold for $795, which is just shy of $7000 today. We can get a C125 'Super Cub' for about $3800. Adjusted for inflation, motorcycles...
  14. Janus

    Question What if there's a gas shortage this winter?

    I'm currently paying $4.09/gal for ethanol free gas up here in Washington :(
  15. Janus

    Question What if there's a gas shortage this winter?

    The "mileage tax" is actually a study on how to potentially tax electric vehicles in a method similar to how ICE vehicles pay for road maintenance and upgrades through fuel taxes. The USA has been doing MMT since at least 1971. As long as people keep believing the debts will be repaid, debt...
  16. Janus

    '21 DCT - poor gas mileage

    I can't speak for the 750Xs but my '17 700X read ~86 on the dash while Fuelio reported my all-time high of 92mpg
  17. Janus

    Hello, new here.

    My 700 can do the same thing. So can my VL800 for that matter. No fancy electronics either
  18. Janus

    '21 DCT - poor gas mileage

    I suppose this is a good enough topic to go past 670 posts. I used to live close to Seattle, commuted through plenty of stop and go up to Lynnwood, down to Tacoma, or in and around Seattle proper. It's not the bike. It's you. The absolute worst gas mileage I've ever had was ripping through...