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  1. Jguarfn28

    Shinko 705 rear taller than stock

    I've been running big 705's for 6 years and my stock center stand is fine. I throw a foot long 2x4 underneath if i really need clearance.
  2. Jguarfn28

    I think my NC700X is dying - major loss of power

    I had a similar problem with an older Suzuki GS500 twin. The issue was a disconnected coil wire that was only allowing 1 cylinder to fire. Once that was reconnected the bike ran great.
  3. Jguarfn28

    Tips to install battery

    I found a clipped off zip tie end and bent it behind the nut to force the nut forward so the bolt caught. Easy peasy and free.
  4. Jguarfn28

    Took a Spill

    I finally bit the gravel last Thursday night. Being as I live in the desert, we don't see much rain so I try to be extra careful when there is. I was completing my 18 mile commute home from downtown Albuquerque and literally turning into my driveway. In a flash, I'm down... bike kind of tossed...
  5. Jguarfn28

    2014 owners - Honda is aware of the trip meters resetting.

    My 2012 NCX had its Speedo replaced at 5500 miles because it wouldn’t register neutral on light. Since then few problems till recently. It has 30k total miles and the speedo is inconsistent on lighting up at start. At night I notice it and may have to shutoff and restart a couple of times...
  6. Jguarfn28

    more rack work and saddlebags

    I have had mine on for 3 years and it has been durable. I have a set of soft bags on with no problem. For them the under shelf is really unnecessary. They just dangle despite being strapped to the bags. Some of the joints are screw enhanced but did have to reglue one of the attach arms and then...
  7. Jguarfn28

    Boot question - with a twist

    I wear my Blundstones to work and this brace would be a definite improvement over the elastic that is "not protecting" my ankles now. I'll definitely check them out.
  8. Jguarfn28

    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Did my valves on my 2012 NC700X for the 2nd time. Both ends were pretty loose, was left wondering if they needed adjustment.
  9. Jguarfn28

    Best economical rear tire for mostly on road use?

    I just got my second rear Shinko 705 because they hold the road in a dry gravelly climate like NM. It's lasted over 10k for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jguarfn28

    What's on your motorcycle

    Nice spread there Mr Biltmore......
  11. Jguarfn28


    I dropped my front sprocket 1 tooth to 15 on my manual NC2012. The speed differential is negligible, like 3 mph at 55. It does seem to have more pickup at the stoplights. I used a gps but it is hard to read while riding.
  12. Jguarfn28

    In need of new tires. Shinko 705s?

    I have about 10k miles on a set and will replace the rear soon in sunny dry Albuquerque. They are a great replacement to the Metzgers it came with. I did have to raise the front fender but it looks great and hasn't required frequent tightness checks. Think I did put some blue loctite in there...
  13. Jguarfn28

    Rough cold idle

    I used to use regular but it sounds better-smoother when I run Costco premium. 80+ mpg is another reason. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jguarfn28

    Covering License Plates in pics...

    I myself am baffled by the people who get away with covering their plates with smoke glass to disguise their number. Why plate vehicles if the identifying number is hidden from public view. Good way for states to lower their deficits by ticketing scofflaws. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Jguarfn28

    My NC gas mileage last tank

    I have 25k miles on my 2012, Shinko 705's and dropped my countershaft 1 tooth to 15. Yesterday my tank read 83 mpg according to Fuelly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Jguarfn28

    Clutch Engagement - Friction Zone adjusting where your clutch engages

    I have gone through my clutch cable twice. In that, my original cable came apart at the lever about a year ago. I think it might have been instigated by the eBay aftermarket levers I installed. A "friend" sent me to a motorcycle graveyard who offered to repair the cable for like $50. Little did...
  17. Jguarfn28

    Jumping out of gear

    When I changed my chain & sprockets, I tightened the chain too much and it was dropping into a false neutral. I loosened it and no issues since. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Jguarfn28

    NC750X Canadian version

    Silver......not gray.
  19. Jguarfn28

    Losing One Cylinder

    Back when I had my GS500 Suzuki, I had the carb rebuilt because it had no miles on it & it had clogged up. I had exactly the same thing happen and it was a loose wire from the coil....[emoji106]Reattached it and no more problem! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Jguarfn28

    does it fit? (helmet addition)

    AGV K-3 Large [emoji17]no fit. In my 2012 NCX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk