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  1. Janus

    What's the slowest speed you'll shift into sixth?

    For me it's about 30mph on a flat. On a good downhill slope I'll try it at 25. Accelerating can be a little boggy at 30 but it doesn't seem to be lugging the engine. Throttle needs to be gently applied for best results. I have a '17 MT 700X. I've maintained a fairly moderate average of ~70.5...
  2. Janus

    Question My suspension failed after only 46k miles- best path forward?

    My bike wasn't even three years old. Had the wife on the back and we both noticed the rear was bouncing like an old Cadillac. Talk about wallowing! Upon examining the shock, I discover fluid, freshly coating the old dust. Research indicates I couldn't rebuild the stock shock, even if I wanted...
  3. Janus

    New Soggy Member - Cascadian checking in

    Hello pals, longtime lurker finally checking in. Back in May of '17 I went into a shop intending on buying a 2017 CBR300RR to commute on as baby's first brand new vehicle. Obviously that didn't happen. 32k miles later and I've gone from being afraid to do anything beyond changing my oil to...