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  1. Hmcp88

    32,000 mile oil report

    32,000 mile oil report from blackstone labs. I read this earlier and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I have silicon in my oil. It just hit me as I read it again that I did the water pump at that service where I re filled that sample of oil and I used a little rtv silicon on the o...
  2. Hmcp88

    Iron butt questions

    So I am doing an iron butt 1000 next month and have some questions for the experienced riders that have done one before (no matter what bike not NC questions). First thing we have what could be 5-10 riders going, we will see how many walk the walk when the time comes but is that too many? I...
  3. Hmcp88

    New Interceptor and Cbr650F

    Just saw this up on powersports.honda new Interceptor and Cbr650F coming to the USA. I'm really liking the Cbr may be a good new bike?
  4. Hmcp88

    Ctx700 levers

    I got a little bit of things I wanted for Christmas so I figured I would share. Ctx700 levers which are black and fit exactly the same (not a big fan of "pazzo" style levers) and smoked cbr1000rr turn signal lenses.
  5. Hmcp88

    Easier/Longer Maintance Schedule

    I had some time today at work and thought Honda was crazy for making the service schedule only up to24,000 miles seeing as how I passed that in the first year. So to simplify things for myself (because thats the way I like things...easy) I made this in two different forms for easier ways to see...
  6. Hmcp88

    Searching but can't find?

    I have searched a few key words to try and find the thread where people were discussing finding a lock cylinder for the oem top box that can be rekeyed to match the ignition. I remember seeing a few comments but searches leave me still looking. Any help? Thanks, Matt
  7. Hmcp88

    Oem luggage locks.

    Quick question. Does anyone know if you can re-key Hondas oem luggage? As in, someone else has installed it and sells it to you. How do you re-key to match your ignition? Thanks, Matt
  8. Hmcp88

    24,000 mile oil report

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  9. Hmcp88

    first complaint...unfortunately...

    Well first complaint here about my baby. I thought i have been smelling burning coolant but havent seen anything until today. Looks like its coming from the water pump housing. Still have warranty till the 25th but dont know if i have the downtime to let honda "fix" it. May end up doing the...
  10. Hmcp88

    TBR muffler repack

    There is no step by step, I have never been one to do a good step by step. However I wanted to show anyone that is interested like I was about how harsh the NC is to muffler packing. Two Brothers recommends to repack every 5,000 miles. This carbon muffler had 11,000 miles on it when I removed...
  11. Hmcp88

    Confusing fuel mileage

    I have to throw an opinion out there about the HUGE inconsistencies with the fuel mileage on this bike. First things first I have never seen such a wide variety of fuel mileage from one bike. Around town things stay pretty level but can still vary up to 10 mpg from my experience. It usually...
  12. Hmcp88

    16,000 mile oil report

    Here's more ammo for those on the "follow what honda says" bandwagon with me
  13. Hmcp88

    Seen this before??

    I was cleaning my nc and saw this spot on the valve cover. I can't recall ever seeing it before. I even just did the service this weekend and had the cover off. It's raised and hard, definitely not a paint bubble. Almost looks like something hit it from the inside but the breather covers the...
  14. Hmcp88

    16k service done.

    Finished the 16k service tonight. Not much to report, oil change went like an oil change does. Valves are still in spec from the last adjustment, no mods needed. Spark plugs look good, they are a little white but I expect that with the fuel mileage this bike produces. I reused the valve cover...
  15. Hmcp88

    My new helmet

    Just purchased an AGV Ax-8 dual evo today. On clearance for some reason with parts unlimited for roughly 60% off. I have been somewhat looking for a new helmet, no big hurry since my Shoei is holding strong of course. Just couldn't pass the deal. Pretty sweet looking helmet, as quiet as the...
  16. Hmcp88

    Sw-Motech Crash Bars

    I just installed the Sw-Motech crash bars on the NC. Received them today from rockymountainatvmc.com as promised. Build quality is awsome as expected, powder coating is perfect and bars feel sturdy. Really easy to install. You just take the two motor mount bolts off each side at a time. The...
  17. Hmcp88

    New horn! Wake up drivers!

    I just installed a new "plug and play" horn today from a company I didn't even know made horns lol. I got a Piaa slim line sports horn to replace the stock joke of a horn. I realized this morning after i got merged on twice while honking my horn the only way to make myself known is to get a...
  18. Hmcp88

    Bazzaz feedback?

    I saw a few people mention purchasing the bazzaz unit but haven't seen any feedback. Does anyone have a good review? My want for it is to liven the bike up on the highway and interstate. She can feel alittle "gassed" if you try and pick up the pace or if there's a strong headwind. Any feedback...
  19. Hmcp88

    New chain

    Changed the chain today. Sprockets still look good so since I think 13,000 miles is premature for a chain (thanks Honda) I just did the chain. I put a Regina gold (to prevent rust) 520 chain on. $67.
  20. Hmcp88

    Austin here we come

    So we left jacksonville florida this morning for circuit of the America's! We got to Lafayette Louisiana as the rain and cold began... Good news is decent fuel mileage (57ish) and flawless performance from the nc for 646 miles of 75-80mph interstate pounding! Another 400 miles to go tomorrow...