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    Rear Rack Questions

    OK, the tail piece behind the seat is getting scratched from lashing stuff to the seat (sometimes overhangs and scratches the paint). I have the Givi side cases already. What I would like is a top case mount like the SW MOTECH one- just a steel or aluminum rack for behind the rear seat...
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    Slight Burny Smell This Morning

    It was cool this morning, guessing around 50° or so. As I approached the gate guard I noticed a slight burny smell coming from the bike somewhere. It was still dark out when I parked but I came out later and didn't notice anything amiss. It's only about 15 mins from the driveway to work, so...
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    Welcome to Stupid

    This is an article in the local news. How the state DOT is making the highway safer for motorcycles... :confused: Here's a thought; sweep up the sand!
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    Delkevic Silencer Install

    The first picture shows the parts that come in the box; not shown is a decal and the instructions for removing/installing the baffle. The baffle is installed at the factory, so if you want it in, it's in already. I wanted it in so there isn't any help here if you prefer it out. They don't...
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    Interchangeability: Luggage Lid?

    If I want to do a tank bag on my 2012 luggage lid, can I simply buy a lid for a 2016 and screw it on? Can I get away with parts 2,3, and some screws only? Or, do I need to piece the whole thing together? Or, are they totally incompatible?
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    NC700X New Owner?

    NC700X New Owner! Hi all, I'm looking to get a bike to replace a previous bike, and discovered the NC700x while searching ads. ME: 5'8" and 31" inseam. My riding experience is low. I had a Yamaha XT350 dual sport that I rode to work for half a year but sold when they transferred me...