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  1. eric steele

    Need Help Help me find a suspension solution for a more comfortable/plushier ride on my 2021

    Thomasttom: I neglected to remember:) that the 2021-2022 had changed suspension travel so further research is needed. Hopefully Cogent can acquire a bike or shock from those years and develop a good setup for those years. For me, the transformation from stock was incredible. I did a 150...
  2. eric steele

    Need Help Help me find a suspension solution for a more comfortable/plushier ride on my 2021

    Todd at Cogent Dynamics was a major help in fixing the stock suspension on my '20 NC750X. I put the Drop-in-Dampers in the forks and then Todd helped me select a spring rate on their NC700-750 shock that worked with my weight, typical cargo and riding style. I ended up buying an even lighter...
  3. eric steele

    Need Help Name of connector

    Hi MoDab. I think you might have two options: check out Deutsch Connectors. You may need to buy both male and female connectors, pins, a crimping tool and insertion/removal tool. The second option is visit your local Honda dealer and see if they have any junk turn signals they could...
  4. eric steele

    Zeta 7/8” Offset Risers: Anyone have them?

    Hi Lawyer4Speed. Used these exact risers on my 2020 NC750x and they work perfectly. You will have to get under the cowling area and loosen the brake hose clamp to get some slack in the line but no other cables or hoses need to be moved. No issues with handlebar movement either. One of...
  5. eric steele

    Question Aftermarket Windscreens

    The problem it solved was mitigating excess wind noise. I've owned 21 bikes including this one and ridden at least a thousand more (spent 8 years doing inspections for a dealer). Every windshield, every helmet generates wind noise which can only be lessened with ear plugs. One exception...
  6. eric steele

    Saddle bags

    Not 100% sure but I don't think so. The Motech system uses overlapping velcro flaps, (hook on one bag, loop on the other) so I think it would be a bit awkward to place them under the seat. I think these bags would be too much work for most thieves. Not saying it couldn't happen but the...
  7. eric steele

    Saddle bags

    I used the SW Motech Blaze system on my '14 NC700X with great results. They looked good, were roomy enough, and easy to flip off the seat when it was time to gas up. I highly recommend them. Downside is that they are not lockable, and of course making them waterproof is impossible. I used...
  8. eric steele

    A proper Chain guard

    I have installed the PUIG Hugger on two bikes, my '14 NC700X and my "20 NC750X. It fits either one. Very easy install and is both a proper chain guard and a hugger that keeps most debris out of the shock.
  9. eric steele

    Trying to reduce vibrations in the handlebars

    Here's a tip I got from the CB1100 forum when I had that bike: Pull out the stock internal bar end weights and replace with the weights from the CB500F (2013 model). The 500 weights are longer and heavier than the ones that come stock in the NC750X. It's about a $50 fix and worked well on...
  10. eric steele

    Question Aftermarket Windscreens

    Howard Leight by Honeywell Smartfit Reuseable Ear Plugs. Problem solved.
  11. eric steele

    Installing new battery, and need some suggestions

    I would stick with the OEM battery. Keep it on a Tender when the bike is parked. Lead acid batteries have two states of being: charging and discharging. Starting the engine is the biggest drain and if you don't take a long enough ride after starting, the bike may not return to full...
  12. eric steele

    Heated grips recommendation?

    Oxford touring are the best. Had them on three different bikes. No issues, no problems, get hot as hell and the controller will shut off on it's own if you forget to. Easy install if you're proficient at removing the NC bodywork.
  13. eric steele

    Oxford Heated Grip Failure

    Hi. Sorry to hear of that problem; gotta be frustrating. Like my brethren above, I have had no issues at all with Oxford grips. I have actually moved them from my last bike to my current and have had no problems. I would look for connection issues.
  14. eric steele

    New member welcome thread..

    Hello to all from Lancaster, PA. Not a new member, but a returning one. Traded my 2014 NC700X for a CB1100EX about 18 months ago. Discovered that I really missed the versatility of the NC. My dealership had an unsold 2020 NC750X on the floor and I couldn't resist anymore; I am trading the...
  15. eric steele

    Bike won't start- all apears normal.

    There was a Honda factory recall on starter solenoids a couple of years ago. Check with your dealer to see if yours is affected.
  16. eric steele

    2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review

    After many years, getting ready to buy motorcycle #20....however, keeping the NC700X cause it's the best all around motorcycle I've owned. No other bike that I've spent time with will tour, canyon carve, run errands, ride two-up and do it all so comfortably and economically. Also, the...
  17. eric steele

    When should chain be cleaned/oiled?

    I clean my chain every time I wash the bike. Honda chain cleaner, grunge brush, hose rinse. Dry the bike, go for a short ride, lube the chain when it's warm. Bel-Ray or Silkolene. Bet it lasts at least 20,000 miles.
  18. eric steele

    Trauma Nurse Here - Please Don't Drink and Ride!

    Iamalaskagrown: Nice heartfelt plea for common sense. Thank you. I also ride a Harley. Nice knee-jerk reaction from DirtFlier and his automatic clutch.
  19. eric steele

    Your thoughts on long-distance touring on the NC?

    My two cents. Did a 700 mile two day ride back in June to test the bike. I also ride a C14 Concours so that was my base line. Most of the observations you've seen here are spot on, but my input is that this bike is very capable of long days and diverse roads. I was ecstatic to find that out...
  20. eric steele

    MRA Touring Screen?

    I replaced that little thumbnail that Honda calls a windscreen with the MRA Vario in the first couple weeks I owned the bike. It works very well to keep the windblast off your chest but directs enough air around you to keep cool this time of year. Looks good too.