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  1. netizen

    Sure someone has already posted this But for those who didn't see it before ....

    Nice article on a 7000 mile trip on a NC 700x published February 13, 2018 Two on the Road: Solo Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip with Honda NC700X
  2. netizen

    Heated battery powered vest $27 free shipping

    This uses a standard USB battery pack that you supply (which means you can easily replace/upsize or have spare batteries). Pay attention to the sizing as this is has foreign sizing (shows US sizing also). I love that it uses standard battery packs. Gives you lots of options and very easy...
  3. netizen

    Microfiber camping towel 1/2 off ($5.58 w prime)

    If your a camper this is a good price on a microfiber towel. Packs down really small does a great job drying you off and you can dry it out quickly Coupon code "PXH7MOMM" cuts the price to $5.58. Ok.. it's more than half off... even better Amazon.com : Ranersports Microfiber Camping Towel -...
  4. netizen

    Waze now supports "Motorcycle Mode" Hands free navigation (Voice command)

    Just saw this pop up in my tech news feed.. sounds good! Now if they will just add transparent weather overlays for rain!!! Waze now supports hands-free navigation, motorcycle mode
  5. netizen

    Weather Route app Free (Android) for next 15 hours

    With a 3.1 rating this app looks like it has a ways to go to improve... BUT it is FREE right now and I"m grabbing it in hopes it will get better. From the description it appears to show you the weather along whatever route you have planned... Something I have wanted for a long time...
  6. netizen

    Good closeout sale on Gloves .. going fast

    Just saw this.. some are already gone Closeout Motorcycle Gloves
  7. netizen

    Post Good Buys HERE

    Ok, someone suggested I start this thread after noticing I've been posting a bunch of sales in the forum, so here we go. If you find a good buy, just add it to this thread. Sometimes good buys come back, so maybe some of these will revive.. if not it can be a good reference for what it has...
  8. netizen

    Lifestraw Personal water filter $13 shipped

    This is a pretty cool thing to have if you camp. Lets you drink right out of streams or any water sources and filters 1000 liters pretty much 100%. LifeStraw Portable Water Filter Survival Gear | Eartheasy Lifestraw Water Filters | Proozy Someone on ADV rider posted about THIS filter which...
  9. netizen

    Camp Fan with LED light $10 Free ship with Prime

    It's camping season so this might come in handy Amazon.com : Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan : Tent Fans For Camping : Sports & Outdoors
  10. netizen

    Waterproof cover for cell phone 2 for $7 with coupon code Free ship with Amazon prime

    Amazon has these on sale.. 2 for $7 with coupon code LKE2PBQN They are normally about $10 each, free shipping if you have amazon prime I've used this for riding in the rain many times. If you need to keep the charging cable or audio cable connected just turn it upside down so the opening...
  11. netizen

    Will these LED lights work for the NCX? (on sale now)

    There is a good sale on these LED lamps right now on amazon. Not sure if these would work or not... any thoughts?? Simdevanma LED Headlight AIO Conversion Kit from $35 + free shipping
  12. netizen

    20 or 30 oz MSR Fuel bottle $13.46

    Surprisingly the 11 oz is $17.95. Might be a pricing mixup so jump on it fast before the realize their mistake! Amazon.com : MSR Fuel Bottle, 11oz : Empty Camping Stove Fuel Bottles : Sports & Outdoors
  13. netizen

    Alps mountaineering lightweight cot on clearance $39

    I bought this a few weeks ago on sale, now it's on clearance for even less Packs down small for a cot with a 7 inch height 74x29 setup, 32x8x3 packed Alps Mountaineering Lightweight Cot - Save 50% Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  14. netizen

    Dry Bags about 1/2 off at Amazon (3 sizes, 5 color choices)

    In my continuing camp gear upgrade I ran across these dry bags on sale for 1/2 off. They even come with a waterproof phone case just like the one I've been using for riding in the rain. Use coupon code 828PKUCX at checkout for discount Amazon.com : OXA Ultralight Dry Sack 10-30L : Sports...
  15. netizen

    Camping fam (very small) big output

    Camping fan (very small) big output Ok, I've wanted to upgrade my camp fan for a while now but I really didn't want to go bigger than the 7 inch size I had. I ended up ordering a SMALLER fan that really puts out some air! This is a USB rechargable fan. I will say upfront that if you put...
  16. netizen

    Compact Camp chair $18 free ship

    Ok, this is a pretty good price and it looks to pack down pretty small Only US$24.99, Ultra Lightweight Folding Portable Outdoor Camping Chair - LovDock.com
  17. netizen

    10 Pack Hot Hands at Walmart for $2.50

    These things can save you when your out and the temps drop unexpectedly. OR your heated gear quits working on you. At $2.50 it's a cheap insurance policy. I've known people to ride all winter using these things as a cheaper alternative for heated gear even...
  18. netizen

    Big Agnes sleeping pad on sale (if your on the small side)

    Ok... this is the Petite version.. so it's like 5 1/2 feet long and 20 inches wide (a bit slim and short for me) It's a very good price... though if it will work for you. It packs down very compact. I have an REI incamp that I paid $130 for.. I do like the Incamp better (I have slept on a...
  19. netizen

    Probably would have gotten this luggage system If I were buying today

    I heard about this system on ADV rider podcast. They have several systems... this one seems to be the best for my type of riding... This one actually requires some sort of luggage mounting hardware like the Givi or whatever and it adapts to use whatever luggage mounting hardware you have...
  20. netizen

    Tank Panniers??

    I am sure I am late asking this question and it's been discussed here many times... but is anyone using Tank panniers? I was just thinking they might be a nice alternative to a tank bag and hold the frunk lid down in the wind when you have your legs stretched out on those highway pegs and all...