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    2015: NC photos galore

    Took this a while back
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    2015: NC photos galore

    Took this a while back...
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    changing air filter little bit complicated...

    If the bike runs fine, MPG good like the day you bought it... Don't worry about the air filter... No? :p
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    Note to self: Zip pockets before riding

    I thought it meant "Buy more... Just in case..." LOL
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    Note to self: Zip pockets before riding

    I lost count of how many packs of cigarettes flew out of my pocket... Almost a brand new pack too... :'(
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    And then I was tumbling down the freeway

    Sorry this happen to you and thank god you are okay! I live in Los Angeles area also. I will not be surprise when the driver that hit you doesn't stop... First thing most drivers around here do is to see if they can get away... When you are on a motorcycle alone with no one to chase after...
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    Kinda too tight!!!

    If you want something done right... U know the rest...
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    2015: NC photos galore

    Took this on my last trip to Death Valley.
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    Having a problem being seen by cage drivers???????

    Good idea... But I will never ride as if they see me... Ride as if you are invisible...
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    after market exhaust with Honda center stand.

    Hi All, Been thinking about getting an aftermarket pipe. What after market exhaust has the build in stop that will work with honda center stand?
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    2015: NC photos galore

    My recent alone ride to death valley...
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    HONDA NC700X club Taiwan 20150501

    Our kind of bikes are popular all over the world except USA... Only sportsbike and Cruiser are popular here.
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    Oil Change

    Oil level must be check when the bike is upright (center stand) Unscrew oil cap, wipe clean and reinsert cap but not screw in, take cap out and check oil level.
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    2015: NC photos galore

    Took this one a while back
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    2015: NC photos galore

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    Oil Leak

    You might not have a leak at all !! You might want to clean up the "Leaking" area to see if it is really leaking or too much lube from the chains lube. I tend to lube my chains a lot and lots of oil gather around that area and mix with dirt and what not...
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    NC is now famous!

    My NC700x is almost 25,000 miles and I still got my stock windscreen... No plan to change it out yet...
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    Fork oil change

    I just learn how to adjust valves and now this... Anyone near Los Angeles area know how to do this? I will ride over... I will bring my folk oil and lots of beers! ;)
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    Valve Adjustment Step-By-Step

    Yes and no... The engine has to be cool for valves adjustment... ;) My reason for doing it myself because I always wanted to learn... And I did... :)
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    Valve Adjustment Step-By-Step

    You got instructions for those? LOL Shim type doesn't need to be adjusted as often, but I like to learn those some day... ;)