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  1. CMGuy

    The front brake is not my friend or why I’m leaving the forum

    Thanks all. Appreciate the well wishes. OCR, didn't go over the top. We both laid down on our left side. Chewed up the left side of the bike and my left leg. All I can really remember is the two good bounces my head took on the pavement. A mystery to everyone how I broke my leg or why...
  2. CMGuy

    The front brake is not my friend or why I’m leaving the forum

    Unlike others on this forum who have posted about their mishaps, I have no one but myself to blame. Driving in medium afternoon traffic, van ahead slowed a bit faster than I was expecting and, although I was at a safe following distance, I applied too much front brake, locked up the front tire...
  3. CMGuy

    Don't even try it !!!!.

    That bike looks like it has every accessory available to the common folk plus a couple only available to law enforcement.
  4. CMGuy

    Oil Change

    The FAA will nail your hide to the barn door if they find out you're not following the documented process. They come in periodically and specifically to audit each of the models, including the factory, engineering, and the supply chain. Everyone is required to follow the documented process...
  5. CMGuy

    Need advice..."what to watch out for on a second hand NC700"?

    There's a thread on this forum called "Where Da Bugs???" You might review that to pick up a few ideas. Other than that, others seem to have covered the topic pretty well.
  6. CMGuy

    Madstad painted - fail?

    Well, looks good in the pix. Too bad it doesn't solve the problem. How about peeling the plasti-dip off the windshield & just the top of the headlight in plasti-dip. Wouldn't even have to be black, I'd think, to achieve the desired result. I have noticed the projector headlights on my car...
  7. CMGuy

    Going to wait for the 2014 or 15 or......

    There's also the school of thought that goes along with what Henry Ford reportedly said about the model T - any color you want so long as it's black. These days, that would translate into, we build such good products, exactly what the public wants, they will buy them in any color we build...
  8. CMGuy

    Adventures of Nana Chou - Best little cotton pickin ride in Texas!

    Glad to see you're, as Gene Autry sang, "back in the saddle again".
  9. CMGuy

    Dealership Buying Experiences

    Someone posted a week or so ago about the NCX losing popularity & that's why there are a number of used ones for sale. However, I certainly don't find that to be the case here in SE AZ. I bought mine used from a Tucson dealer w/2000 mi. A quick look at Craigslist finds a used one in Mesa with...
  10. CMGuy

    $3.95 Radiator Screen

    Kewl. Would have never thought of that but as someone said, the price is right, even buying a whole roll of the stuff to get a foot or so. As an added bonus, it is quite easily worked as you describe. After having houses with big trees around and not liking climbing up on a ladder to clean...
  11. CMGuy

    The Pace

    My Basic Rider instructor said essentially the same thing. That is, the bike will pretty much go where you're looking. If you're looking at that tree directly ahead as you enter the curve, there's a good chance you're going to hit it. Forget about where you are. It's history. Look where you...
  12. CMGuy

    Preminum Membership

    Agreed. 100% correct about the value of this forum. My only issue is the fine print which talks about auto renewal each year. I've had some bad experiences with sites that auto renew - can't go in and delete my credit card and they just keep renewing. One site even figured out the new...
  13. CMGuy

    Herky Jerky

    Well, apologies, but my CRS seemed to be kicking up when I wrote the above last night. :( I was off 4-500 rpm. Should have written "...keep it at 2000-ish....", "...below 17/1800 - 2000 feels like it is "lugging"...." and "...just under the 2500 range...."
  14. CMGuy

    Bugs on the Inside

    Interesting - for me anyway - phenomenon: When I clean the bugs off my windscreen (MadStad 22") I also have to clean the inside surface. The old hands on this forum will, I suspect, get a good laugh out of this but for me, it was completely unexpected. Granted, the inside is not nearly so...
  15. CMGuy

    Herky Jerky

    Well, I'm pretty new, too, both to the NCX and riding in general so I may have it all wrong but I try to watch the tach and keep it at 2500-ish. Anything below 22 - 2500 rpm feels like the bike is "lugging" - telling me to downshift. If there is traffic, I tend to run the rpms more in the just...
  16. CMGuy

    At the NC horizons unlimited meet

    Hope its a good report. Nana Chou must be all back together. Just have to get the battery & keys out of hock from the family.
  17. CMGuy

    MSF Basic Rider Course

    Agree they do a great job. While you were riding for 40+ years, I was off doing other things after having a bike in college 40+ years ago. The course gave me the confidence to get started again. Two added bonuses for me were that passing the course meant I did not have to take the test at the...
  18. CMGuy

    It's probably time...

    Dang. For those of us (well, for sure me, anyway) who see your on-line persona, seems like a rather quick decision. Was just over two weeks ago you started a thread about planning your route for joining the Iron Butt Association and talking about doing some short warm up rides. Suppose a...
  19. CMGuy

    Windshield Solutions.....

    Looks like it accomplishes about the same thing as a MadStad, except, of course, that yours is not adjustable. However, my guess is that your total outlay is a good bit less than for a MadStad. Relatively inexpensive and looks pretty good in the bargain!
  20. CMGuy

    New guy with a new bike!

    Bummer. Waste of a 3 day weekend of riding possibilities.