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  1. rjcrtc

    Golf or M/C riding?

    None of the guys I golf with ride motorcycles and it sounds like there aren't any avid golfers that belong to this forum. That's ok, because I like them both.
  2. rjcrtc

    So Whatcha Paying For Gas?

    $2.14 in Kansas City
  3. rjcrtc

    Golf or M/C riding?

    Just noticed that I have only put 2,500 miles on my NC this year. I have played 120 rounds of golf. At 4.25 hours per round, I could of been on the bike for 510 hours. Averaging 40 mph I could of added 20,400 miles to the bike. Or maybe with those 500 hours, I could have learned how to play...
  4. rjcrtc

    Subscription function

    Thanks, LBS. I have only used the quick search. I will try your suggested advanced search.
  5. rjcrtc

    Subscription function

    I have been a member since Jan. Today is the first time that I have seen anything mentioned about using subscriptions to follow a thread. I have been creating my own notebook by cutting and pasting all the valuable information that I might use at a later date. Are there any other tips that users...
  6. rjcrtc

    pointless hand guards

    When the weather gets cold, I put tape on the inside of my trackside hand guards to block the air holes.
  7. rjcrtc

    serious thoughts..

    To me a smaller bike does not make it safer, unless the weight or seat height are more than you can handle. But if you are unsure, you probably should not fight it. I have friends that have stopped riding for the reasons you mentioned. Maybe get a dirt bike and ride off road.
  8. rjcrtc

    First Episode of Farkle Garage! Show about everything motorcycle

    Very entertaining. Looking forward to more episodes.
  9. rjcrtc

    2015 Ducati Diavel Photos and Specifications

    The Ducati Diavel was the most uncomfortable bike I ever owned. Had to get off every 45 minutes.
  10. rjcrtc

    Looking at Rain Gear

    I do not recommend the frogg toggs entry level jacket and pants. They worked in a very light rain, but not in a heavy downpour. My garments were soaked underneath. I think they have an upgrade fabric called Horny Toadz that might be better.
  11. rjcrtc

    New Tesla M Concept

    My vote is UGLY. Maybe if the performance specs are incredible, I could be persuaded to check it out.
  12. rjcrtc

    First valve adjustment heads up

    As a 59 year old newbie to motorcycle maintenance, I appreciate all the information I can get from this forum. The range of ability and knowledge of the membership is huge. I am glad to see unusual occurrences being questioned to ensure the information is accurate. To everyone involved in this...
  13. rjcrtc

    Bent Gear Shifter Lever

    Thanks for the comments. I was able to bend it back to position without removing it from the bike.
  14. rjcrtc

    Bent Gear Shifter Lever

    This weekend I found myself on a road with a mud covered patch. I slowed down, but not enough and instantly fell over when my front tire slid to the side. I am fine and my bike is fine except for the bent shifter and a big bruise on the bar end. Is the shift lever something that can be...
  15. rjcrtc

    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    The reason I bought this bike is that it seems to be the swiss army knife of motorcycles. I am not interested in owning multiple motorcycles, so I wanted to find the bike that would do everything ok. In every category there are better motorcycles, but this is the best multi use bike I found. The...
  16. rjcrtc

    Why You Don't Change Lanes Before An Intersection!

    But she probably got her emails read during that time.........
  17. rjcrtc

    Missouri riders

    I live in Kansas City and would be interested in getting together for a ride.
  18. rjcrtc

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome from Kansas City.
  19. rjcrtc

    Potential NC700X buyer

    Most of my shifting is done at 4,000 rpm. I accelerate fairly quickly, so it is difficult for me to shift between 2-3,000.
  20. rjcrtc

    Advice on which to buy?

    I vote A. I bought my 2012 with 9,500 miles and have no regrets.