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  1. MAJikMARCer

    Seen in the wild

    Saw one riding through Lincoln NE today. Dunno if he was a local or not. I know there is an automatic, as well as mine in town already. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. MAJikMARCer

    What to do when you drop your bike in the Mud 25 miles from the nearest blacktop...

    Ahh i wanted to see the NC go through. ;) Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  3. MAJikMARCer

    New Adventure Touring Bike

    The words Adventure and Touring don't seem to go well with 250cc in my mind. Put a body and gear in the bags and I'm be concerned about it making it up a steep paved hill much less an off-road one. Seems like the equivalent of a Walmart "Mountain" bike. Sure it may look the part, but riding down...
  4. MAJikMARCer

    Is this patchable?

    I just recently replaced the tires on my car, low profile, sporty things. I had a similar problem within the first month of those original tires. I had the tire plugged. It was fine for 30+K miles. Granted that was a car vs a motorcycle. And I think that's an important distinction. While...
  5. MAJikMARCer

    NC700/750 owners, what is your age?

    Just bumped OUT of that category. ;)
  6. MAJikMARCer

    Honda Touring windshield vs Aftermarket

    I haven't used any others to comment, but I have the tall Honda screen and I'm 5'11". The top of my helmet gets just enough turbulence/wind to make it a bit annoying. If I tuck just a bit or lean back and crouch down a bit it's a lot better. While I agree that much bigger and it might look...
  7. MAJikMARCer

    How to carry my laptop

    This is a great thread and some interesting answers from various angles. Personally I would go with the tail bag or box, but that's largely due to the size of laptop I work with. If I had a smaller one the frunk would probably be an option. As it is I have a laptop backpack, but I don't wear it...
  8. MAJikMARCer

    What initial gear to buy?

    If you are going off-road then tires for sure. And I'd replace the helmet too.
  9. MAJikMARCer

    We get it, Honda gets it, but journalists don't.

    As someone who only just came into the 'market' a few years ago I don't have all the nostalgia/baggage that the author has about the past. I've been reading and catching up though. Before my NC I had a 35 year old UJM. I've drooled over Ducati design. I've both yearned for and shook my head at...
  10. MAJikMARCer

    a few odd questions

    This. I came off an old 81 Suzuki GS that really didnt come alive until after 6500 rpms, but after a few months I was over that. This year its completely natural.
  11. MAJikMARCer

    New NC700X owner in Nebraska

    Nice to see another NC rider in Nebraska! Those knobby tires might be good if you do much on the gravel roads.
  12. MAJikMARCer


    This is a really excellent point. My wifes cruiser corners for $#!^ so I hate to ride it. The NC corners very nicely though. A CT on the cruiser probably wouldn't be a significant impact, but on the NC the difference would have to be large. (and this is coming from a guy who lives in Nebraska...
  13. MAJikMARCer


    Given how easy the rear wheel locks up (for those without ABS) I'd be concerned about the harder rubber breaking loose even easier. It may just be my inexperience, but I'd rather have the traction of the softer rubber.
  14. MAJikMARCer

    a few odd questions

    To throw a different perspective on things, I pretty much only commute on my NC. I was originally going to do some light touring, but it's just not big enough for the wife and I to go two up and while she rides, her bike is even less suited to touring. If I was going to do real touring, this...
  15. MAJikMARCer

    Harley Davidson actually has a new motorcycle that is different!

    From some of the interviews I've seen, H-D isn't really looking so much at their existing market for these bikes as much as to leverage their name to break into a new one. H-D is a well known brand, even among non-riders, so from a marketing perspective it has a chance. The mileage will need to...
  16. MAJikMARCer

    Motorcycle boots for the office.

    Every job is a bit different of course, but i have to take my laptop home every night "just in case", so I just toss my shoes in the bag and change when I get to work. Takes maybe 30 seconds of my morning and then another 30 seconds in the afternoon. Of course I have a standing desk (trying to...
  17. MAJikMARCer

    Poor sales

    Here in Nebraska the roads are long, flat, and straight. I suspect that's why cruisers and sport bikes are so popular here. I know the motorcycle parking that I use has another NC, but it's about all I've seen. The NC is a great commuter bike, but it's a compromise on speed, touring, and...
  18. MAJikMARCer

    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    I went with Nancy also. Not terribly original, but it sticks.
  19. MAJikMARCer

    Seen in the wild

    Rode my bike to work a couple times this year (cold mornings still!) and it seems that my NC has found a friend. (mines the one in front with the tall windscreen)
  20. MAJikMARCer

    Eliminate the rev limiter?

    I get the point of this thread, but to me this makes me think of those guys who tune Honda Civics. I'm sure it's fun. They are cheap after all. But you are only going to get so much out of that little engine and in the end shorten it's life. I'd say if you want power buy the bike with the power...