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  1. mrbios

    2014 NC700X Manual - 2500 miles - Denver, CO - $5000

    Nice looking bike and a solid crash bar.
  2. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    That will absolutely prevent fading. In my case I as I looked at the faded plastic from 7 years of uncovered storage outside I kept hearing: The Living Years by Mike + the Mechanics "It's too late (it's too late) when we die (oh when we die) To admit we don't see eye to eye...." and for time I...
  3. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    I have that exact same can and use it on the windshield and reflective part of the mirrors.
  4. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    No, that plastic is harder and I would worry about damaging it or warping the HI/LOW switch. I have applied the polyurethane and it has the effect of darkening the plastic. Also, if that was not enough and since they are small they could easily be sanded and painted black with a sponge instead...
  5. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    Cleaned the plastic with a cloth and soapy water then made sure the surface was dry. Spent about 30 minutes on each side with a heat gun from harbor freight - you can watch videos to learn proper technique. After things cooled down I applied Bear brand water based Spar Polyurethane with a...
  6. mrbios

    Coolant Consumption 2012 NC700X 46K miles

    Coolant Consumption 2012 NC700X 46K miles.... I bought this bike from the original owner in 2019 @ 33K miles. At some point around 35K miles? I noticed the reservoir was low and I filled it up. Last time I checked it was 2 years ago when I had to replace a damaged radiator hose at that time...
  7. mrbios

    Givi E22n saddlebags

    My guess would be if someone had a aftermarket exhaust that got in the way of opening the side bag or if it was packed with clean clothing that might spill out?
  8. mrbios

    NC750x Bad Engine Noise after Valve Adjustment

    Sheee-ot, I'm gettin' old. I knew about the fuel pump circulating gas so not possible to suck up junk at the bottom (but I forgot that until I read the comments). For reference I ran out of gas once on the freeway at 190.0 miles exactly and I now have 46K miles on my 2012 NCX, original plugs...
  9. mrbios

    What's the slowest speed you'll shift into sixth?

    I didn't know about coasting for long distances with the engine off - I'll discontinue that practice immediately, though that will impact my MPG:)
  10. mrbios

    Information MPG at high speeds

    Saturday, I rode from San Diego to LA with my motorcycle club 240 miles round trip where we averaged 75 to 80mph+ and I still got 62 MPG on the way up and that is with Madstad windscreen and mini extender + a givi top case.
  11. mrbios

    Questions Regarding Can Am Spyder

    Great observations from Greg. My concerns with can-am beyond what Greg mentioned is the cost new and used, poor dealer support, waiting a month or more for parts, very few places work on them or know how to. I did an oil change on a friends 2013? RT Limited and it took 2.5 hours to change the...
  12. mrbios

    dropped my bike

    Pulled to the right side of the on ramp to put my phone in my pocket which was mounted in the phone holder. and the bike started to roll backwards and was leaning to the right and ended up falling over. I had a heck of a time picking it up because it was leaning downhill. I wanted to pass...
  13. mrbios

    Gloves left on seat

    Small miracles ... when I came out of Walmart I saw that I forgot my gloves on the seat and they were still there! Homeless like taking gloves out of the helmet so I always lock them in the trunk.
  14. mrbios

    2014 NC700XD Ca-chunk, ca-chunk sound when the ignition is turned to "on" not start.

    Good points and you should know TLDR - means Too Long Didn't Read - what I do is press ctrl+f on my keyboard and search for a work like "old" or "battery" you can also click the magnify glass icon (see attached picture). Next, LOAD - I believe there two forms of load at work here - mechanical...
  15. mrbios

    Tire - Very slow invisible leak

    Tire - Very slow invisible leak - For educational purposes Symptoms: My front tire lost a bunch of air. First sign it was hard to turn the handlebars when backing up. Checked pressure at home ~ 8 psi. Filled to 35 psi. Overnight 8 hrs later it fell to 25 psi. Search for leak: 1. Sprayed...
  16. mrbios

    Stock exhaust

    I have a 2012 and the hole is at the back end of the muffler. I said out loud when I saw the hole in the picture - "seems like a rather odd place for a hole" until I saw the second pic showing the steep angle of the muffler - ah yes - that's the low point to drain condensation.
  17. mrbios

    Rain gear during stop—What do you do?

    I live in San Diego and it doesn't rain anymore. But I grew up in CT and you should have rain pants (legs wide enough to fit over your shoes/boots. I just wore a yellow rain jack over my leather full time because on any given day there could be a 40% chance of rain.
  18. mrbios

    Fork DDC kit install and seal replacement.

    My suspension thoughts... [passive / not active] is a compromise just like traditional passive valves in an engine vs Variable Valve timing where adjustments occur in real time based on what the driver is doing. 2012 NC with 45K miles: Rear shock appears to offer almost no dampening, though it...
  19. mrbios

    2012 Sportster 1200 HOT BIKE!

    Yesterday I road a friend's Sportster 1200 in the parking lot for about 100 feet and turned around. I was wearing shorts because the temp was about 83F degrees. While I did not touch the exhaust pipe or get a burn my skin got so hot even in that short distance it felt like someone had heated...
  20. mrbios

    Choosing crash bars on 2021 nc750x

    R-Gaza - something that never noticed until the other day.... they are almost invisible. They are small and really blend-in to the motor so for people that don't want to "spoil" the look of their bike this could be a point in their favor.