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  1. Yoshimura slip-on exhaust

    Yoshimura slip-on exhaust

  2. Puig hugger/ chain guard

    Puig hugger/ chain guard

  3. Barkbusters & VStream Sport/Tour windscreen

    Barkbusters & VStream Sport/Tour windscreen

    Vstream (N20008)
  4. upgrades


    R&G tail tidy and aero led indicators
  5. R&G Tail Tidy & R&G Aero LED indicators

    R&G Tail Tidy & R&G Aero LED indicators

  6. R&G Aero LED indicators

    R&G Aero LED indicators

  7. Walker

    Hello from Texas

    Hello from Houston! I JUST got my used 2013 NC, yesterday and joined the forum, today. I am looking forward to making my 76 mile daily commute (roundtrip) on this bike. The only aftermarket accessory it came with is some Barkbusters. I will try the stock seat and windscreen for a couple of...
  8. CVT or DCT

    CVT or DCT

    PCX150 next to my NC700, both 2013.