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  1. CamaroEric

    Noise cancelling earbuds

    GLC, the cheap foam plugs work fine. If you really want to do it, you can get custom molded hearing protection but you will have to Google those since I do not have any experience. I use Harbor Freight orange plugs, a pair will last me a month, but 50 pair is $5...
  2. CamaroEric

    Anyone add an Android/Apple CarPlay motorcycle screen?

    My best GPS is a $5 yard sale Garmin with lifetime maps. If it rains I put it in a Ziplock which is basically IP64 I think lol. A big win would be finding a LMT version! The old Zumo was a little easier because it had buttons, but those rubber buttons failed and fell out and the unit fried.
  3. CamaroEric

    Ok gang, who's using what for cruising pegs?

    I use these on Givi guards but I sandblasted and painted them black. https://www.jpcycles.com/product/jp-cycles-rubber-footpeg-set-with-clamp-on-mount
  4. CamaroEric

    Ok, let's talk windscreen extensions.

    The best answer is the Madstad. If you really want to block the wind, get the biggest one they have, one or two sizes above their recommendation for your height. It can always be lowered. I am also 6' 2" and mine is too small IMO so I added a clip on as well. I reversed the mounting hardware so...
  5. CamaroEric

    Johnakay rear rack/backrest

    Very cool. I see why this will not work with the Givi or OEM rack. Hopefully someone can use this. I would like a back rest for the OEM top case, but a big Goldwing style.
  6. CamaroEric

    Johnakay rear rack/backrest

    Post a pic. I'd be curious
  7. CamaroEric

    Vibrates and is a bit sluggish around 2000-2500 rpm

    No. Shift down or use less throttle. In normal riding I have no trouble riding out from about 2200 but I am a fairly tame rider.
  8. CamaroEric

    NC700X Vs. CB500X for touring

    This information is probably still relevant, even on a thread started 9 years ago LOL.
  9. CamaroEric

    2012 time to sell

    2012 NC7X in good shape, probably the $3500-4500 range, maybe more if you're persistent and patient. There's always a Ural. Boxer engine, not 2-wheels. 2014-18 was 1st gen FI and a big step up, 2019 on are a whole new machine and level of build quality. See Gene at Holopaw off 192 between...
  10. CamaroEric

    Lithium Battery Swap-out

    FYI eCOMelectronics - $84.99 https://www.ebay.com/itm/195580934330
  11. CamaroEric

    Plug Your Lug, Prevent Permanent Hearing Loss

    I must say, I use the cheap Harbor Freight orange plugs that are something like $7 for 50 pair. I should try something better sometime but I feel they work well anyway. Plus with 50 pair, I can stash them everywhere in case I need a set.
  12. CamaroEric

    Plug Your Lug, Prevent Permanent Hearing Loss

    I rode probably my first 5 years without them, only because I didn't know any better. Since then I wear them on every ride anywhere, and when I go to concerts. Concerts are just too loud these days, or am I too old (35 lol)?
  13. CamaroEric

    Man, THIS is UGLY!!!!!!!!!

    We've gone full circle. "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black."
  14. CamaroEric

    Front brake hose extension

    I got a custom braided line. Ended up doing 40" banjo fitting center to center to do a 6" rise. I used a 45 degree fitting on the lever side and 15 degree on the caliper side. I don't recall the length of the stock line but it's in my garage somewhere. Those extensions look silly IMO, not sure...
  15. CamaroEric

    Man, THIS is UGLY!!!!!!!!!

    All I wanted to do was add fog lights last fall and it looked the same except I didn't need to remove the wheels LOL. Can't wait to see the final!
  16. CamaroEric

    Question August, September or October is better for off-roading in Colorado?

    Any of those are fine unless you really have issues with heat or cold. When I lived near Denver, 100 on a sunny day and 65 on a sunny day felt the same because you're getting raw sun and have no humidity. Being from FL it felt like what FL feels like at 78, warm but not overbearing. Once you...
  17. CamaroEric

    Custom Rear Rack, Tusk Large Panniers

    I built a similar but more rudimentary version to mount Tusk panniers using Happy Trails billet pannier mounting system. Looks like they have changed a lot since I bought them...
  18. CamaroEric

    Who's using what for Bar risers?

    I used generic ROX copies on the NC. They were in the 1.5" range but I had to clip the zip ties holding the wires. I ended up going with 8" TC Bros mini apes, but I got a custom brake line, swapped the cables to CTX, and spiced about 6" of wire in to the harnesses.
  19. CamaroEric

    Sold One owner 2013 NC700 only 2617 Miles, like new. In AZ. $3900

    FYI any used MC brought into CA MUST have over 7500 miles. If you try to bring it in with less it will be blacklisted and NEVER able to be brought into CA.
  20. CamaroEric

    What was your FIRST motorcycle

    1981 Yamaha XJ650. $700 in 2010, I was 22. It was beat but it had gold wheels and 'chameleon' painted flames. Took me everywhere!