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  1. duk2n

    Biggest moan so far

    The 700XA (ABS) OEM pads manufacturer is Nissin. Actually I'm using EBC pads and they work well
  2. duk2n

    Chain/Sprocket Advice (Is this a good deal?)

    +1 !!!! I would not use a clip type master link, a rivet type link is much better and safe
  3. duk2n

    Honda Tall Shield and its "Rubber Thingy"

    You're right, it is required by law at least here at Spain
  4. duk2n

    Service and warranty ?

    AFAIK, our american friends can do the maintenance their selves without any warranty loss, but us poor european guys must pay money to the dealers and have the service book stamped, despite you can do it better and without loosing any bolt
  5. duk2n

    Horn button is all "floppy"

    The same thing happend to me, fortunatelly the bike was still on guarantee and they just replace the whole left handle control free of charge. There was some other guys in the spanish forum with the same issue
  6. duk2n

    Givi engine bars

    I had some vibrations with the Givi bars. In the service manual there is a specific sequence to follow when applying torque to the engine-frame bolts. This fixed the vibrations of my bars
  7. duk2n

    horn switch broken

    The same happened to me a year ago or so. The bike was still in the warranty period and the dealer replaced the whole left assembly.
  8. duk2n

    Hola!!! from Spain..

    Hola Alejandro :rolleyes:
  9. duk2n

    is nc750X exactly the same as nc700x except the cc?

    Here at Spain we have both 700 and 750 models. Mine is a 700XA. After riding a 750XA a couple of times, I can say for sure the 700 brakes more and better than the 750, just because the 700 has one more piston. This is the only reason I keep my 700XA instead of changing to the 750 model. There at...
  10. duk2n

    is nc750X exactly the same as nc700x except the cc?

    I bet it's a cost cutting measure. It's not just another hose from the pedal to the front brake, the ABS unit must be way cheaper in a non combined system
  11. duk2n

    is nc750X exactly the same as nc700x except the cc?

    there is still another one difference not reported here: the 750 models have no combined brakes. I mean they have ABS but not C-ABS
  12. duk2n

    Bar End/weight removal (How to)

    +1! Perfect job and explanation
  13. duk2n

    Coolest cat ever saves kid from dog attack

    LOL! This changes my mind about cats vs dogs! :-) I will share the video with my colleagues
  14. duk2n

    Free and simple way to check the accuracy of your speedometer

    The speedometer is not so accurate in my european NC700X. It has an error of about 5%
  15. duk2n

    2nd Chain Sprocket Replacement

    Great movie, great player, great phrase and very true :-)
  16. duk2n

    Remove spark plug

    Here is a resume of what the service manual says about the spark plug: -Always use specified spark plugs on this motorcycle (NGK IFR6G-11K) -Do not adjust the spark plug gap. If the gap (1.0 mm) is out of specification, replace with a new one.
  17. duk2n

    Remove spark plug

    The NC engine uses iridium spark plugs. AFAIK, iridium spark plugs doesn't have to be "gapped"
  18. duk2n

    Givi Crash Bar Question?

    FYI, I bought them new from an Italian dealer more than a year ago and I got them without those plastic pieces. As others said, they do nothing
  19. duk2n

    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    So it was not so difficult! :D