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    Rear Brake Pad EBC Part Numbers? NC700XA

    Hi Rich, I'm probably just going to buy another set of FA174HH - only because I know that I've used them and that they work. You mihgt find this link useful :) Find a Dealer + ENjoy the new bike! I've put 27,900 miles on my model year 2012 NC700XA. Love it - Off to the Alps on it again...
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    Rear Brake Pad EBC Part Numbers? NC700XA

    Hi All, I just want to ask some of you fellow riders about the rear brake pads you are using in your 700XA. Currently in mine I have EBC FA174HH although on the EBC website it suggests FA140HH - The FA174HH fit and operate fine. Does anyone know what the proper part number should...
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    Confirmation of your radiator bolts?

    Thanks for the quick response guys, much obliged! Yes, I do wonder every time I go out on the bike 'what if' something isn't as it should be underneath etc... I have just ordered the Service Manual and I think I will go down that route as I am slightly familiar with this servicing and have a...
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    Confirmation of your radiator bolts?

    Hi All, I've been having a lot of problems recently with my local dealer from parts missing on the bike that were there before some Warranty work took place to broken fairing that they were blissfully unaware of. Yesterday I was looking at the radiator as I was thinking about getting a...
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    Honda NC700XA Service Manual (UK)

    Just thought I'd let any UK Honda owners know that I have just ordered the Honda Service Manual for the NCX from Northwest Honda at a unit cost of £41.66... I have no plans to service it myself yet but wanted it out of interest, so just thought I would let you know!
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    Rear Shock

    Just emailing them to find out! :)
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a Buyer, yes I simply pretty much buy stuff! I work for an 'IT Reseller' who sells IT Infrastructure solutions such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco brands mainly but also include quite a few others. However, I am only '20' and got into it by pure coincidence though,I love what I do, so much...
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    Slip on 'Fuel' Exhaust

    Yeah I will agree, the 'Fuel' designs strike me as an extremely 'old' style which is also something to consider and I think it would ruin the 'New Concept' look of the NC. Never heard of CCC although, I have only been riding for 3 years and before that I had no interest...:) I find a lot of...
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    Slip on 'Fuel' Exhaust

    Yes they very much are the 'bottom of the bottom' But everyone has to start some where, though they have been trading sometime and I would get something possibly of better quality, though I do not know what there quality is like. Price isn't a boundary in my decision, I just liked the note they...
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    Slip on 'Fuel' Exhaust

    Hi All, I have been looking into getting a new exhaust for my NCX, though I do really LOVE the sound of stock so I will probably keep it that way for now. I have been thinking about a Leo Vince SBK or a GPR Deeptone but just stumbled on this little beauty, it produces a great note I...
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    Tales of corrosion in the UK

    Hi Rocker, I rode through the winter this year as per three years before, my 1997 CBR600F & my 2011 CBR250R both held up extremely well but the NC has already shown signs of rusting. I washed and prep'd my bike every week over the winter as I do all year round I'm appalled at it's current...
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    What riding gear would you buy NOW if you were buying?

    I would buy another Rukka Suit, wear my year round and never have any problems!
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    Check your chain

    Rocker, maybe it's a counterfeit good? :S
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    I can't adjust the rear preload?

    I saw that in the other post, looks so much easier than just a C Spanner! :D
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    I can't adjust the rear preload?

    It has to have a specific level of tolerance in order to accommodate different rider weights. I don't think they want user's adjusting it because it's a little trickier than a normal shock. I'm only 50KG so alone I am an extremely light rider thus need a little extra give in the shock, but...
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    I can't adjust the rear preload?

    Go there in the end Bob, I think the nuts had seized from where they hadn't been adjust in 18,000 odd miles so after a quick tap with a screw driver and mallet they moved! Have about 5-6 threads showing at the top now as opposed to 3-4 before but feels a lot better - need to test it later...
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    I can't adjust the rear preload?

    Thanks, I'm after how to do it, it has some slight adjustment of the preload and that's what I want to play with...
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    I can't adjust the rear preload?

    Despite hard pulling I can't adjust the rear preload on the shock. I am planning to take the O/H out this weekend and it's not a problem with how it is now other than the bike is about 1 INCH lower to the ground and a little unstable at high speed so want to pump the preload up a little for...
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    New rear mud guard

    Pillion spray protection... Thought I would share this for you Jose, started this today. Like you I get a lot of splash on the rear pillion seat, this annoys me and I will be taking a pillion around soon so I need to make a solution. She has a Goretex Rukka suit so really this doesn't...