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    NC700X trackbike update!

    Lots going on this year, haven't been on much. Figured I'd drop in and chat about the NC. It's doing great, trackdays got cancelled from the Covid bs, but back in full swing now. Went to Barber a couple weekends ago. Running the new Pirelli TD dot race tires....and they are totally badass! Had...
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    Looking for stock NC seat

    Pretty sure all years fit as long as it's an X model, S model seat is not interchangeable. Just want a plain stock seat in good shape. Anybody got one for sale in the U.S.?
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    So I've been pondering grabbing a 2nd NC to have one for track and one for street so I don't have to switch back and forth between track ready and street ready, as track ready has lights removed or taped up, no tag, mirrors removed, highway peg in a higher position for my leg, etc. Well I was...
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    Will seat and oem luggage from NC700X fit the NC750X?

    I am seriously planning to pick up a new NC750X sometime this year. It would be my "street" bike, and I would use my current 700 mostly for track riding only. If I do this, I would like to swap things off of my 700 to the 750 like the Seat Concepts seat, oem Honda luggage and rear rack, and the...
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    Deal's Gap ride / NC praise

    Man, what an awesome 2 days it has been on the NC. 475 miles of pure enjoyment. Left yesterday around noon and headed to Murphy NC from North AL, Chattanooga traffic was total garbage. Cost me an extra hour sitting in stop and go traffic on I24. Checked in hotel and proceeded to the Harrah's...
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    Honda's new CB4X concept!

    Man this thing is COOL! Make it available with a DCT and I will put one in my garage! Honda CB4X... | An Inline four with crossover capability | Visordown Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Building NC700X suspension for sport/track riding?

    I will probably only do 2 more trackdays this year, so I don't plan on building the suspension until early next year before trackdays start up again, but been trying to figure out the best route to take. I'm pretty set on just buying an Ohlins rear shock for their known performance and...
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    No-Mar tire changer / Labor Day sale

    Not sure if any of you would be interested in it, but No-Mar is having a 10% off orders over $100 sale. I didn't even know about it and was going to order a tire changer anyways, perfect timing I guess. Got $50 off my order. I opted for the Cycle Hill CH100HD model. System comes with pretty...
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    Talladega GP trackday on the NC!

    Worked my arse off today finishing getting the bike ready (fresh brake fluid, yes!), loading everything on the trailer and in the truck, making sure I have enough snacks, water, and so on. Oh! Can't forget sweat towels! Gonna be a hot one in this Alabama humidity tomorrow! Not looking forward...
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    On-board camera options?

    Planning to do a couple trackdays on the NC this fall and would like to film a couple sessions, maybe even do some filming on the road too. I am camera illiterate, mainly in terms of what's available and staple features to look for. Obviously GoPro has the market share, are there other brands...
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    Another sprocket change thread

    I have read several of them (sprocket threads), saw where Hondabikepro or whatever his name was changed his on his DCT then said in one thread that shifting was goofed up, but he didn't report back in that particular thread to elaborate, and I couldn't find any further info to verify after...
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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    These type threads have been popular on other forums, let's try it here. I like the social camaraderie of motorcycling, just bs'ing with others, how about a spot to do just that, here in "The Bar" subsection. I done some searching and did not see a similar thread like this. Something...
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    Clear/smoked tail light lens?

    Caught this bike on Craigslist, at a good deal might I add, $2200 with Shoei helmet and jacket, 23k miles, manual 6 speed. Seems like a killer deal really. Anyways, noticed it has a smoked looking tail light. I saw on ebay where they sell LED tail light replacements that have integrated turn...
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    Scorpion Exo-T510 helmet + Icon Anthem mesh summer jacket

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Both very lightly worn, smoke free home and owned by a very clean person. Both in mint condition, no known flaws whatsoever. Helmet: Size XL Scorpion Exo-T510 Nexus graphics Drop down sunvisor You can look up all the fine details online. I replaced with an XL Shoei GT Air...
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    How low can an NC be lowered?

    Wife is wanting a bike, would love for her to learn on an auto so she can concentrate on riding first without shifting. She is 5' flat. So idk if the NC can be lowered that much. Anybody have any sub 30" seat heights on their lowered NC? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    No Shad seat for NC700X? What seat do you run??

    So 2 Mondays ago, I ordered a Shad Comfort seat via Revzilla which is drop shipped straight from Shad in Florida, or so I'm told per Revzilla reps. First seat they sent was for wrong model. Returned and correct one was supposed to be sent. Well....1.5 weeks later after correct one was supposed...
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    My NC700X in the curves!

    So I bought a cheap tripod to hold my smartphone and got the idea of getting some still video footage of some good curves in my riding territory (I hate onboard camera footage). A friend and I went on a road trip last weekend, ran into some delays starting out and didn't get to play around with...
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    What an idiot....road trip.

    Referring to myself. So, in changing out the kickstand the other night, I damaged the sensor....I checked to see if it would still go in gear and it would with the stand up, so I thought it was good. Fast forward to today, start of our weekend trip....and the thing would not go into gear. Had...
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    Picking up a '13 NC700X Thursday!

    Hello! I am 32, been riding all my life, grew up on trail / motocross bikes, then got into sportbikes, which progressed into dragging knees in the twisties on the street and at trackdays. Then on March 7th, 2010 I had a freak crash on the interstate on a '07 Kawi ZX10R and ended up losing my...