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  1. rippin209

    Death valley rally

    For those that don't go on ADV or simply haven't come across the thread, there's a NOOB rally in March, I've never attended so I don't know many details but it looks cool enough I plan on going, riding in on my NC...
  2. rippin209

    Tail light mod

    Ok so my tail light bracket has been broken for a long time and I worry it's going to just fall off one day The bracket is broken where I put the yellow mark, my salutation was to do a tidy tail type fix But while I was at it a was thinking of having a buddy of mine that works with sheet metal...
  3. rippin209

    Put a cheap slip on my NC, got a check engine light

    Ok so the title says most of it, I checked the MIL code and got 86 When the engine is cold sounds great runs great, after riding for awhile, 15-40 min engine light will come on and exhaust sounds poppy on deceleration other then that performance isn't noticeably better or worse. After...
  4. rippin209

    Trying to reduce vibrations in the handlebars

    Any recommendations on filling the new bar to reduce vibrations? I've heard of using silicone or rubber butyl caulking either with or without adding bb's or bird shot. I was thinking of putting somewhere between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup of bb's (same as a BB gun uses) and then filling the bars with...
  5. rippin209

    Looking for 4 season jacket and summer glove recommendations

    So after my spill a couple months ago I'm in the market for replacement gear. I've got a back up helmet so I'm good for the moment and I've got a good idea what helmet I plan on getting next anyway. My summer gloves got scuffed up but are still useable and did their job, I'd probably order the...
  6. rippin209

    Laid her down

    So I went down on my NC. Around 25mph or so I locked up my front tire and went down. My NC came out much better then I did, I slid into a solid stationary object that brought me to a complete stop rib cage first, I busted 13 ribs with 11 being on my right side and lacerated my kidney and...
  7. rippin209

    Products you'd recommend and ones you wouldn't

    This is the most helpful and civil forum I've seen so I figured this post could exist without problems but if I'm wrong I'm sure the admin will shut it down. I'm optimistic that we can help each other with pros and cons of products that we've personally tried, especially if they're not the most...
  8. rippin209

    Show me your highway pegs

    So I'm planning on putting a set of highway pegs on my NC soon and I've never had or used any, so I'm curious of the pros and cons of different styles and how they fit or work on the NC specifically, also I'm cheap or frugal depending on your outlook [emoji16] So please post pics and...
  9. rippin209

    Injector cleaners?

    My mechanical knowledge is mostly old school V8 type stuff and most anything other then your basic fluids caused more problems then they fixed. With the watery crap they sale for gas now days I logically get the idea of fuel stabilizers and injector cleaners and such but I've got no experience...
  10. rippin209

    Thinking of a California to Alaska trip

    It wouldn't be for a year or two so no rush on anything but I'm curious of routes and destinations. I've read more then a few people post about previous rides up to Alaska but very little details. I've lived up and down the west coast but never been to Alaska. Weigh in please Sent from my...
  11. rippin209

    Dino test

    First time I've come across this, thought I'd share it Honda NC 700 Power Test - YouTube
  12. rippin209

    What's on your motorcycle

    So what have you added or changed to your motorcycle. Any mods you regretted or would have done differently. What do you use your motorcycle for mainly? Post up pics and let us know.
  13. rippin209

    Asking advice on wiring up some lights

    I've just ordered some cheap lights and want to wire these on a dedicated switch, I already have a switch and 12G wires, a inline fuse and such just wondering if someone with more electrical know how wants to chime in, or if anyone has the same units with any advice. Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot...
  14. rippin209

    Cush Drive

    Has anyone replaced the cush drive rubbers on their NC700X? And if so what with?
  15. rippin209

    Trip advice grand canyon

    I'm driving home from Oklahoma (dropped my son off at college) to California via 40. I'm swinging up to the grand canyon (neither my wife or myself has ever seen it) on my way by. Right now I'm going to arrive in the middle of the night and plan on being gone before noon. Any advice would be...
  16. rippin209

    Thank you

    I want to sincerely thank the admin and all those who post on the forum, without your knowledge, ideas and advice it would be much harder. as a first time owner there are many times you have helped me
  17. rippin209

    Question about handle bar riser?

    I'm looking at getting a tusk 30mm and I wanted to know if anyone has put something that tall on a non DCT. I have a 2012 NC700X and wanted to know if the cables are long enough?