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    Question New Tires

    New tires of any brand will bring back the neutral steering of any bike. That is why all the MFGs have always said replace in pairs only. I did install a 160/70 Bridgestone T30 EVO once and the bike rolled over so easy compared to a 160/60 that you felt that there was no end of lean angle. Being...
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    NC700X front brake master cylinder question

    The compensation port is the hole in the master that allows the fluid in the master to supply the cylinder piston. When the brake lever is released this port opens up and allows the pressure to lower by allowing it to return to the reservoir. This port along with the rubber bladder in the...
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    2023: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Good weather in Conn. yesterday so when I came home from work the next job was to get the bike out of the garage. This was first winter that I did not remove the battery just put a charge on a couple times. The winter service was valve adj. (within service limit but adj to spec.), oil and...
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    21+ Valve timing changes?

    Yes the cam timing was made for different reasons per Honda publication when it first came out. But there are other bikes were this is done, I believe the Honda Super Hawk has this also. By changing the valve timing for each cyl. you have a torque based cyl. and a HP based cyl. Even some of...
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    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Yes the weep hole that is on most water pumps will show when the mechanical seal is not sealing properly. These seals are carbon based and actually get lubricated by the antifreeze mixture seeping by. When the seep turns to a leak they need replacement. Sometimes these leaks will come and go...
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    Rear Shock absorber

    You could always get adjustable links for the shock, they work on all models. I used the Soupy,s lowered the back 25mm and the forks 15mm. Other then the Race Tech springs (1.00 KG)up front the rest is stock. With a lower center of gravity the bike does feal more nimble. Stock kick stand still...
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    Mpg is off

    On my 2012 I have gone by the fuel gauge bars for years now. When the first bar goes away i look at the trip odo. and what ever it shows is usually my mpg. My rear sprocket is 2 teeth less and I multiply the mileage by 1.05. Like clockwork it gives me 200 miles for 3 gallons. I do like the...
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    OEM Heated Grips Problem

    Looked at my 2012 Honda installation instructions and Operation manual I see this in the operation manual...1. When the ignition switch is ON and the motorcycle,s battery voltage is low, the indicator flashes. Charge the battery or troubleshoot the charging system. If the flashing...
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    Information Confirmed For USA: Transalp Debuts at EICMA

    I will wait untill they put the Hornets brakes and wheel/tire package on the Transalps body. But that is just my opinion.
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    Dark Dash/Display

    When my 2012 was 2years old my dash did the same thing. All inputs to the meter were good the only fix would be to replace the meter. Honda would only pay for the labor and not the part. I have lived with it since and other than a time or two its been good. Kind of lost my faith in Honda for not...
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    Jury Finds Trucker with Seven-Count Motorcycle Homicide ‘Not Guilty’

    Justice is not always served in the Justice system. This was said to me some years ago by someone in the system. As sad as this is we should always be looking out for not only what other drivers are doing but what we are doing. I have always taken some comfort when someone dies when riding that...
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    Lowering NC750X

    I used the Soupys on my 12 , lowered the forks 15mm. My seat was redone in 14 by my friend who flattened it out and used 2in. of hard padding. with Racetec heavy springs and a Givi kickstand foot. my stock kickstand works fine and the approx 1in. lower ride height makes the bike handle much better.
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    Highway hazard

    last year while on the highway in the fast lane a car in front and to the right of me ran over a object that shot up and hit me in the right leg. It was a sizeable piece of a car bumper, probably from the 70s. It impacted my knee and It felt like being hit with a baseball bat. Other than some...
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    2022: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Noticed the front tire wearing more on the left side. Same thing has happened on my 2012. Always have looked at this as going thru left handers faster than rights. The Metzeler Roadtec 01 on mine now have about 4K and are starting to show flats on the sides about half worn. 8K seams to be...
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    Interview: Shayna Texter-Bauman, The Most Winningest Rider

    Went to the Meadowlands race Oct 2018 Shayna won on the Husqvarna that night. Got a picture with her and my buddies kid that night she is one of the nicest people you will meet. When I saw her on the Indian twin my first thought was... watch out boys shes coming.
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    Time for chain replacement?

    O-ring chains only need lube on the outside to stop rusting and cushion the rollers on the sprockets. The O-rings keep the lube in and dirt out of the pins and rollers where it is needed. With less than 5K I would not worry about it now but the kinks are showing you to start looking into a new one.
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    Honda Wants 15% of All Bike Sales to be Electric by 2030

    670cc thanks for the info of the regen. on the ZERO. Have not looked much into what is currant on the bikes been looking more at the electric bicycles.
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    Question Tire change question - one tire vs two tires at the same time

    My 12 came with the Metzeler Z8 then used Bridgestone T30, T30 EVO, T31 they were all good tires about 10K avg miles. Went back to Metzeler Roadtec 01 and they have got to be one of the best rain tires out there in my opinion. I always replace in sets nowadays and check the date code on the...
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    Honda Wants 15% of All Bike Sales to be Electric by 2030

    Why go electric when these NC700s get up to 80mpg? Everyone is so GREEN now HONDA has been GREEN forever. Fuel efficiency was always a HONDA thing. When my NC time is up the next ride will be a electric bicycle. NO taxes, insurance, parking issues. The bad thing with electric motorcycles is no...
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    Two questions regarding the new NC750X

    The nice thing is no matter what year you buy you can always alter the ergos for your comfort. I dropped my 12 model with adj. links in the rear, about 1 inch. lowered the forks 15mm in the clamps. Aftermarket pegs about 1/2 in. lower and had my seat done with 2in of foam with no slope. I am...