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  1. X-Man

    2014: What did you do WITH your NC700 today?

    Thanks, the tide is only about half way out in the photo. When it's all the way out there's a lot of beach to walk on.
  2. X-Man

    2014: What did you do WITH your NC700 today?

    After a bit of a break ,I got my NC insured and out of storage for the season.It was a great day for a ride around town.
  3. X-Man

    Goodbye NC700

    Sorry to hear of your accident, it sounds quite painful. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to always wear full gear. Hope you heal quickly and are able to ride again if you choose.
  4. X-Man

    5 Days on the Road, and I ain't going home right now.

    Ride on, looks like fun! Ride safe!
  5. X-Man

    2013: What did you do WITH your NC700 today?

    I took a ride up the Sea to Sky Hwy to Pemberton BC. It was foggy in Vancouver but got sunny as soon as I got out of the city.Green Lake, Whistler, BCAbove the fog on Cypress Mountain
  6. X-Man

    How many miles did You get with the original motorcycle chain

    My original DID was changed at 15k with a DID520vxGold.The new chain looks to be better quality so it should last longer ,I hope.
  7. X-Man

    Slovenia, Austria video

    Very nice, looks like some great roads to ride.
  8. X-Man

    Hwy 395 Oregon,USA

    Thanks, the videos are not too exiting, but I hope they give a good idea of what the riding is like in that area of Oregon. I think you would really enjoy riding these roads if you get a chance.
  9. X-Man

    Hwy 395 Oregon,USA

    With all the rainy weather we've been having I got some more editing done. If anyone is interested there's more video of my ride through Oregon here. Hwy 402 Oregon, Motorcycle Long Creek to Monument - YouTube Hwy 19 Oregon Aug 2013, Motorcycle Ride - YouTube Hwy 218 Oregon - YouTube
  10. X-Man

    Premature chain wear ???

    My bikes going in this week for a new chain and sprockets at 15k.It has tight spots and some of the links are kinked, started showing up at around 12k.
  11. X-Man

    NC700X vs. Suburban

    Sorry to hear this, glad you have no serious injuries. Good luck in getting your bike repaired and back on the road.
  12. X-Man

    Air Filter worries

    Just changed my air filter today at 15k ,it was a little cleaner than the one in the video. It took me about 30 min, about 10 of that figuring out how to reset the plastic fasteners.
  13. X-Man

    Windy Ridge Lookout, Mt St Helens Wa

    Nice video, looks like you guys had a great day of riding.
  14. X-Man

    Hwy 395 Oregon,USA

    Thanks, Enjoy your ride. I sure miss Oregon's roads, you have some good ones to ride.
  15. X-Man

    What do you do to be more "visible"?

    I also have added the front and rear led lights, I think they really make you stand out. I have seen other bikes with this set up out on the road and they are more visible. They can be blocked by vehicles beside or in front of you quite easily.
  16. X-Man

    Corbin seat

    That's a nice looking seat. Looks comfy too!
  17. X-Man

    SHAD Comfort Seat

    I must say that after putting a few thousand miles on with my Shad seat, it has broken in a bit. Initially I found it a bit too firm. I find it has softened up a bit, but is still firm enough. I am quite happy with the seat now, it makes the ride much more comfortable for me.
  18. X-Man

    Labor Day Weekend

    Great pics looks like a great way to spend the weekend.
  19. X-Man

    Hwy 395 Oregon,USA

    I actually didn't remember to mount the camera on the first part of the hwy.It has some of the best curves. And this was one of the busier roads I was on.
  20. X-Man

    Leaf Foliage Routes for Vermont and Maine and best dates to see the beauty.

    Having grown up in Quebec I sure miss the fall colours. But I don't miss the White colour that follows them.