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    Trade NC700X for NT700V?

    I'm considering trading my NC700X for an NT700V. I'm finding I'd like more weather protection, and am wondering if anyone out there has an NT700V they'd like to trade? Thanks, Scott A. Anderson Blue Mounds, WI
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    What do you do for a living?

    Perhaps I'm one of the few Yoga and Meditation teachers in the group? I started teaching in 1989, and get to meet and work with a lot of interesting people.
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    Weird weather: Who has snow?

    I got out on the bike on Sunday, then 10" of snow came today. It's been a pretty normal (snowy) winter for us here in Wisconsin - I'm ready to be done with it, already! Scott A. Anderson Blue Mounds, WI
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    Am I too big for the NC700Xd?

    I'm 6'6" (2m) tall, and 200lbs (91 kg), and find the NC700X fits me well. With the taller, Parabellum windshield, there's virtually no buffeting, and it goes down the road beautifully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the bike to a bigger/taller rider. Scott A. Anderson Blue Mounds, WI
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    Parabellum windshield?

    I finally got a a chance to ride my new bike! It was delivered a couple months ago, and persistent snow and cold kept me from riding until this past weekend. I was delighted in all regards. The Parabellum windshield provided more protection than I'd anticipated, and without any helmet buffeting...
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    Givi trekker luggage

    For what it's worth, I've recently installed the Caribou system. They utilize the Hepco-Becker mounting system, and a clever system to attach Pelican cases to the Hepco-Becker mounts. It's still too cold here in Wisconsin to ride, but the bike sure looks rugged siting in the garage. Once the...
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    What is the worst bike you have ever owned

    The worst bike I ever owned was a 1996 Triumph Trophy 1200. It wasn't the worst bike in the world - it could pull stumps with its torque, and had good weather protection. Why was it the worst bike I ever owned? Thirty-two miles per gallon. Seriously? On a motorcycle? I was dumbfounded by its...
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    What was your ride before you discovered/converted to the NC700

    Before I purchased my NC700X (last week!), I was riding an '08 Suzuki Burgman 400. In my quest for better fuel-economy and utility, I switched from riding BMW K-bikes to the Burgman - though could never quite wrap my head around riding a scooter. The NC700X hooked me with its adventurous...
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    Parabellum windshield?

    I've previously used Parabellum 'shields on BMW, and was always impressed with their function & quality.
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    Parabellum windshield?

    I'm planning to order my NC700X next week, and am strategizing its accessory complement. I'm a tall person (6'6") and would like to maximize weather protection. Clearly the factory 'shield is too low, and I'm debating the various aftermarket options. Any suggestions? Things to avoid...