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  1. sezme

    Anyone add an Android/Apple CarPlay motorcycle screen?

    Personally, I've never found motorcycle gloves that work with a touchscreen for very long. They say they do, but after a month or two they don't. so I keep my Garmin no-internet GPS which has a pressure-sensitive screen, and It does me just fine. If I want to use my phone for directions, I keep...
  2. sezme

    Need Help Fault code - Engine light flashing

    For what it's worth, I was returning home from a log trip last summer and the malfunction indicator light was on for two days, causing me to low key panic. Still, the bike started and ran more or less normally. After I got home, I checked the forums and found it could be a battery connection...
  3. sezme

    Noise cancelling earbuds

    My experiences using the noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Pro (second generation) have been very positive. It (and I say "it" rather than "they" because I have single-sided deafness so I only use one at a time) blocks out a lot of noise and allows me to listen to podcasts while riding at normal...
  4. sezme

    OEM Heated Grips Problem

    Thank you very much, everyone for your suggestions. I did end up buying a new batter for the bike, as there were other issues that indicated that it was starting to give up the ghost. I was hoping that that would fix the heated grip issue... but it didn't. It's too cold out now for me to try to...
  5. sezme

    OEM Heated Grips Problem

    There is a temperature setting... The unit has one button. Press it once for full power, press it again for medium, and a third time for low. A fourth time will shut it off. And it does work that way. It's just that it turns off after five minutes, no matter which temp it's set to.
  6. sezme

    OEM Heated Grips Problem

    Nothing beyond the ordinary. I have a multimeter, but I haven't tested the battery so far. I know it's a 12V battery in theory, but I don't know what is considered too low when measuring the voltage.
  7. sezme

    OEM Heated Grips Problem

    I somehow doubt anyone will have an answer to this question, but here goes: My Honda heated grips have always worked fine, but this fall, whenever I turn them on, they turn off after five minutes. Always five minutes. I can turn them on again and continue doing so as long as I ride, so in a...
  8. sezme

    Question Hello all, Any advice on the matter, "best" octane 85 thru 94? .... 2012 NC700X, only mods Delkelvic end pipe and K&N air filter. Thanks :)

    I did use a tank of E15 this summer while travelling in the US. I hadn't seen that before (I live in Canada) and put it in by mistake. I didn't realize that the second nozzle on the pump was only for E15. Anyhow, the engine survived without any apparent issues.
  9. sezme

    Honda X Seiko: A Watch Inspired by the World’s Most Popular Motorcycle

    Stop making me want things I don't need!
  10. sezme

    NC ever left you stranded?

    Last weekend I was crossing from the US into Canada. It was a long line of cars, and after a while, because it’s a waste to idle, I decided to cut the engine using the kill switch between short moves forward. Unfortunately I didn’t turn the key to the off position because after about 45 minutes...
  11. sezme

    CEL, Temp Light, Fan On, Low Idle

    Probably completely unrelated (to my neighbours, aliens, or squirrels), but yesterday when I was about to go out on the bike, I noticed that the clutch lever pivot bolt was almost completely unscrewed. It had a small amount of rust on it, so I assume that friction had caused it to work itself...
  12. sezme

    CEL, Temp Light, Fan On, Low Idle

    Yikes, your phantom neighbours are even worse than mine!
  13. sezme

    CEL, Temp Light, Fan On, Low Idle

    Nah, the neighbours don’t have access to my bike, nor are they annoyed by it. Is that near to the temp sensor wire or somewhere completely different?
  14. sezme

    CEL, Temp Light, Fan On, Low Idle

    Haha, I will admit that squirrels often use my parked bike as a dinner table for eating maple seeds. But unlike the photos above, in my case, the wires were cut cleanly, with none of the insulation having been removed. It really did look as though someone had snipped them with clippers. Maybe a...
  15. sezme

    CEL, Temp Light, Fan On, Low Idle

    Reviving this thread because the same exact thing happened to me. I was getting ready to bike into work two days ago, and the bike took a long time to start, and then idled low and finally the engine stopped. I tried a couple more times before the battery finally gave up. Jumped on the subway...
  16. sezme

    Looking for a winter windscreen

    This is my bike: https://www.nc700-forum.com/attachments/img_0662-jpg.19727/ though the photo is by the previous owner who installed the Honda touring screen and a Puig deflector. I see on the forum that the previous owner was around your height and didn't seem happy with the result because of...
  17. sezme

    Question Would lack of ABS be a dealbreaker for you?

    For me ABS is a must. There are long stretches of marginally ridable weather here in Toronto when the roads get cold and wet. Prime conditions for brake-induced loss of control, and I have the broken bones to attest. Luckily the NC700 manual transmission model in Canada had ABS even in 2012. I...
  18. sezme

    Rounded off oil drain plug bolt, anyone know where I can get new one?

    I know the OP has already ordered the replacement bolt, but I just wanted to add that I was in the exact same situation earlier this year. My used NC700X needed an oil change and much to my horror the original bolt was rounded. (And I was surprised because I think the previous owner had all the...
  19. sezme

    does it fit? (helmet addition)

    Adding because I just got the first one: Scorpion EXO R420 Size M. Snell certified, and very long front to back. Does not fit in 2012 NC700X. Origine Forma Size M. Fits. I think I'll keep the Scorpion in my top case. Does anyone use the wire that comes in the tool pouch to secure their helmet...
  20. sezme

    Givi Top Box Lighting Question

    I’m just documenting my foolishness in hopes it will save someone else some time. Yes, it turned out it was wired right the first time. For some reason I expected that it would work like the brake/tail light on the bike itself: constant glow when running, and brighter when the brake is applied...