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    Trade NC700X for NT700V?

    I've been very happy with my NT700v,not quite the MPGs of the NC, but a very nice ride, comfortable seat and lots of aftermarket accessories are available since its a more mature model.
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    Honda Integra Review

    I would be interested as a commuter.
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    Vstream windshields

    I know they make one for my NT700v, not sure on the NC yet though.
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    Just an update...I decided to go with the NT700V. After comparing them side-by-side, and found the NT much more comfortable and cost effective for my needs. Perhaps if the CrossTourer comes to the USA I might consider a trade-in, but otherwise I'm happy with the NT700V.
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    Extreme Farkling - Road Test!

    That really made me chuckle! I completely understand about the manufacturing thing, no biggie, but please share you idea for a clamp-on system...forgot about the engine guards.
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    Extreme Farkling - Road Test!

    I would be interested in buying a set of these if you're so inclined in the future, perhaps an improved, clamp-on version that will accommodate the HondaLine fog lamps. :cool: ...and get well soon. :D
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    I did sit on the NT and it was decent for me, nothing a new seat wouldn't improve easily, but I was wondering how the NC compares to the NT as far as leg room.
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    How does the seating position compare? I'm a tall guy so I want as much distance between the seat and pegs as I can get. Unfortunately I have a feeling the only thing that's going to work is a cruiser.
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    I saw the lower wind deflectors he made, but missed the lowered pegs...I would almost want a lowered, mini-running board for my big feet, lol. I going to look at a Pacific Coast this week too, I don't know how it will fit me but I've never actually sat on one so I have to to be sure. The...
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    Owners demo NC700X DCT.

    Thats one of the best video reviews out there for the NC700X, makes me want to get one yesterday!
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    The GoldWing I looked at was nice for an '86 but it seemed really cramped for my legs, (6'3" - 34" inseam) and the flat 4/6 engines make it almost impossible if not impractical to install forward controls. So far only the NT700V and NC700X have a good riding position for me, though I plan to...
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    Greetings from the Big Easy!

    Greetings! I'm Bill in New Orleans...been looking into the NC700X as one of my options for a commuter bike. Whatever I end up with will be my first bike since I was a teenager 30+ years ago. I really like the idea of using the DCT for an intro back to riding, but I'm not sure if the NC...