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    Battery or...???

    My 2016 NN700x dct is attached to a tender.. The tender shows green, as in fully charged, but when I turn the key to start, the bike dies immediately...do I need a new battery or is there something else I should look for? Thanks
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    Trade Nc700x dct for CTX dct?

    Considering trading my 2016 nc700x dct abs for ctx dct...any interest?
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    Hip Replacement

    Hi guys...wondering if anyone is riding with a replaced hip...I'm having trouble mounting my bike because of deteriorating hip and considering a replacement...delaying thr procedure as long as possible for fear I won't be able to ride once it's done,however, my riding currently has decreased...
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    2016 nc700x dct question

    I never got a manual for my bike...would like to see if I can brighten dash...anyone with information? Thanks
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    Free Windshield

    Honda Tall Windshield off of NC700 available....located in Suffolk County Long Island....pick up for free or pay postage to wherever
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    Question Centerstand

    Hi all...you've given me great advice so far, so I'll ask for more...my 2016 NC700dct does not have a centerstand...advice on where to get one please...are there aftermarket or do I have to go Honda? Difficult to install or should I go to dealer? Thanks as always
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    Decisions, Decisions

    Thanks, Rabbit...exactly what I wanted to hear.
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    Decisions, Decisions

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    Decisions, Decisions

    That is my first choice...do they easily fit the givi rauls?
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    Decisions, Decisions

    Okay...so I installed Givi 1146 saddlebag rails on my 2016 nc700dct...a job that should have taken 30-45 minutes I accomplished in 2.5 hours due to my mechanical "aptitude". So now comes the search for saddlebags... I'm looking fozr bags that are not too expensive but still look good on the nc...
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    First ride for me

    So I took out my new to me 2016 nc700x dct and, after 50 plus years learned how to ride an automatic...I started out in D mode dir about ab hour, then switched to S, which I preferred immediately...practiced downshifting for a while and finally felt almost comfortable with my rude...of course my...
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    2016 User Manual

    Anyone know where I can find a User's Manual for my 2016 dct? Got the bike used and have no idea as to how certain things work. Thanks
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    Madstad or Givi?

    Trying to decide (quickly) between Madstad or Givi for my 2016 dct....I know the Madstad is much more expensive, but is it worth it? And how difficult is installation? Thanks
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    Givi PL1146 Install

    Any tricks for installing Givi PL1146? Difficult? Going on 2016 NC700x dct Thanks
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    Givi E22n saddlebags

    I just called Givi and they said I only need the 1146 because I already have the Givi Top Case rack installed.
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    Givi E22n saddlebags

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    Givi E22n saddlebags

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    Givi E22n saddlebags

    Thanks very much for the ifo..I'm pretty sure I'll go with them...was the install difficult?
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    Givi E22n saddlebags

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    Givi E22n saddlebags

    Anyone with knowledge of the Givi e22n saddlebags? I'm considering them for my 2016 NC700X dct...they look a little flimsy, but the price is right...I should only have to add the mounting brackets pl1146 from Givi since I have their top box and mount...also, how difficult is it to install the...