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    Valentino Rossi W.L.F.

    If MM thinks he can race fairing bashing like in 125's , this is what happens. Ive looked at every video, camera, and VR didnt deserve the penalty, MM and Lorenzo are playing the game. This is what is so shocking!! VR in Valencia, against these two. He has no chance of winning, but I hope he...
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    NC700 Burnout

    there is no skill in this, just a waste of tyre, fuel, and film time.
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    bollocks oh bollocks!

    nice camera, I swear by sony for quality at a good price. sent you a pm as Im after a backrack .;)
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    What are your thoughts about the 2 bikes?

    I think a test ride would be in order. 2 years ago I bought a honda dn01, the same engine as a transalp, but , you just couldnt recognise it in the dino, it was just so smooth in auto mode. That was a lovely ride, despite the negative reviews on the dn01, I'll always regret selling mine. I...
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    Cruising RPM's

    ive been out on my first proper run today, Ive had the 700x for a couple of weeks, but due to weather and work, Ive not had the chance. I totalled 80 miles in total, today was a memorial ride for a friend who was killed on his bike last may. The first thing you realise is how...
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    Hello from Brooklyn, New York

    welcome Keith, when does the nc 700 arive in New York.??
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    A perfect commuter bike? 2012 Honda NC700S

    nice one Emil, what colour??
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    A perfect commuter bike? 2012 Honda NC700S

    My local honda dealer has sold 3 nc's, thats all he had, he has took deposits for another 4, and a deposit for one integra ( scooter version), which retails at £7,500, with dual cluch,(due march).
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    hi from sunny manchester,

    I think I used to average 50-55 mpg out of the silverwing.
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    A perfect commuter bike? 2012 Honda NC700S

    Hi Jeff, Ive the manual version, the dual cluch model doesnt arrive in the uk until april, and costs approx £600 extra. More powerful than a silverwing???. The nc performes with short bursts of low down power in each gear, but not too vibey, its hard to explain the power delivery, because it...
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    new machine

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    new machine

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    new machine

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    A perfect commuter bike? 2012 Honda NC700S

    Ive just bought the nc 700x, I find it very comfy, Ive had 2 silverwings in the past, and I thought my dodgy knees, wouldnt cope with the nc, but the riding position is perfect for me, quite tall, not as tall as a transalp, but enough to give good leg room, most bikes these days feel very...
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    hi from sunny manchester,

    Hi everyone, Ive just bought a new nc 700 x, after a 30 mile test ride 2 weeks ago, I just loved it, the engine is very torquey, and has lots of character, so Ive a white one sat in my garage. Funny coincidence, Ive had 2 silverwings,a great scoot.