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    Whats the small key for

    Top Box original key.
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    Is it time to replace my helmet?

    I just replaced my Bell Revolver EVO that was build in 2014. Great helmet. Not sure what to replace it with.
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    Question Battery Reccomendations? Any reason I should go with AGM over Lithium?

    I went with a AGM from Walmart, $35. I'm a 4 season daily rider. Learned about cold weather riding below freezing in Denver. AGM batteries last longer.
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    2021 NC750X DCT will not start, not going into neutral

    My 2012 Honda NC700XD won't start. It started getting cooler upper 50s in the morning, bike wouldn't start yesterday. I moved the tire on the bike and the bike started. This morning same thing, but this time I couldn't get the bike started. I think I will get the battery replaced today. I've...
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    2016 NC700x - dead, could it be a bad battery?

    I've gotten about 5 years of daily use out of a battery. Four season rider, SATX, DEN, ABQ, PDX.
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    Good Tires for Street Riding

    What are good tires for mostly street and touring riding? Long lasting and good grip?
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    100,000 mile review

    Especially in the US where Maintenance Intervals are shortened to 3000-4000 mile instead of 6000-7000 miles in Europe for the same bike.
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    I would love a forum on the 750 scooters, Intergra, X-ADV, Forza 750. This bike is not available in the US which is sad. Most US riders don't have a good impression about scooters even through they don't ride them. Honda doesn't bring poor selling bikes to the US except when directed by Japan...
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    Hard to put bike on OEM centerstand....

    It is harder for lowered bikes. I just wear boots with higher heels.
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    NC700X replacement battery... AGM?

    I've gone with a $35 battery from Walmart. No Problems.
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    Long çrank issue

    How long has the bike been sitting? The best running bike is one that is ridden daily.
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    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Installed a Radiator Guard, Heated Grips, and a Center Stand.
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    Question Buying a 2021, on the fence about DCT?

    A great 300 cc scooter is the Yamaha XMAX. I owned one and loved it. Great fork and chassis. Cheers
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    Question Buying a 2021, on the fence about DCT?

    I own an older 2012 NC700x DCT, I love it. I don't own a car and am coming from scootering to work. I find that the NC and CTX get better gas mileage than my 300-500 cc scooters. I know that Honda makes the Forza 750 around the world, and would prefer that style of motorcycle because of better...
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    I've been getting 70-75 MPG, about the same as my XMAX 300 scooter, but less than my Piaggio BV350 which I get about 60-65 MPG. I bought my NC700XD because I always like the DCT bikes. Thinking about getting a CTX700D and getting rid of the scooter. I am not sure.
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    Question New DCT rider?

    Since I ride a scooter, I miss the hand rear brake. Else the bike rides good and is easy to maneuver. Have fun.
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    We get it, Honda gets it, but journalists don't.

    Well I don't think it's Honda Japan, I do think that it's Honda USA that doesn't import/distribute the bikes that we want. I want a Honda Scooter replacement, but no Honda Forza 300, No Honda SH300i, No Honda Integra, and No Honda X-ADV. What gives American Honda Powersports? Sales figures, poor...
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    What is your other ride(s) if any?

    My other ride My other ride is a 2018 Yamaha XMAX
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    Personal best mpg!

    68 MPG, don't remember what I did or where I drove to.
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    Road tires for NC 700X

    I'll replace my tires with Michelin Road 5