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  1. MalcolmReynolds

    What other model year should I consider while waiting for the 2021 NC 750 dct?

    A lot of this will come down to personal preference and your own tastes. I personally like the looks of the gen 1 original NC over the new models plastics. The older is sleeker and more aero looking if you ask me. The new body plastics may provide better protection from the elements possibly...
  2. MalcolmReynolds

    NC750X manual Power thoughts

    I find the NC power is adequate. That all depends on where I am riding. If I am stuck in traffic from traffic light to traffic light I don't particularly like riding the NC because everyone is in a drag race from light to light and that isn't fun no matter what you are riding, but the NC is...
  3. MalcolmReynolds

    The NC750X is a deer killer

    You are very lucky! Glad you are OK. Many people aren't so fortunate in a deer encounter.
  4. MalcolmReynolds

    2020 NC750X initial 1st week of commuting thoughts

    Congrats on your new bike. Sounds like it is working out well for you. They are fun bikes! If you decide to sell your stock seat give me a shout. I am in the market for a stock seat to mess around with!
  5. MalcolmReynolds

    Freeway speeds

    As far as freeway riding goes I no longer play the "go with the speed of traffic". I no longer buy the argument that you are going to be wiped off the road. Stay in the right lane and give everyone plenty of room. They will come zooming up behind me and then find a hole to get over in the...
  6. MalcolmReynolds

    2021 NC750X Suspension Travel Question

    My take away in this thread is that even though the US finally started to receive the 750 we still didn't get the upgraded suspension parts that other markets have. That is disappointing. Honda US has consistently held back on useful and meaningful updates that other markets have gotten. It...
  7. MalcolmReynolds

    Thoughts on buying a new 2017 NC700X in 2021

    Honda's previous bike in this space had a shaft drive so we know Honda knows how to do it even with bikes of smaller displacement. My wish list for the NC would be shaft drive, ABS, and cruise control. I guess if I had bought an NC with DCT I would have already gotten the ABS, but at the time...
  8. MalcolmReynolds

    GPS mount

    I found another video showing how it mounts, but it is not in english. So that might still be of use just to watch how it was installed. It looks like it just goes under the windshield and uses the same bolts the windshield uses. And I think the same is true for the adjusters to raise and...
  9. MalcolmReynolds

    GPS mount

    Here is a video with a guy who appears to have the GPS mount installed, but does not give any details.
  10. MalcolmReynolds

    GPS mount

    That is what I was thinking too with the bolts probably not being long enough to deal with the windshield, the sliders, and the ram mount. I like the idea of having the GPS mounted above the speedo just below the light of sight so I thought I would ask. Seems like it would be a good setup if...
  11. MalcolmReynolds

    GPS mount

    Has anyone had an experience with this GPS mount for the 2016-2020 bikes? I would like to have a place to mount a GPS and wondered what the experience is with these. Also does anyone know if this will work with the windshield adapter that allows you to adjust the windshield up and down? Any...
  12. MalcolmReynolds

    Have you ever wanted to ride like a motorcycle officer?

    I came across this fantastic Youtube channel done by a retired NYC motorcycle officer who is doing practice sessions in Pooler GA for anyone who can join on the weekends. He teaches and practices the slow riding techniques you might have seen the police officers who do the rodeo type riding...
  13. MalcolmReynolds

    Information 2021 NC750X announced for US market!

    March 2020, so something blew up and it didn't get done. The 2021 NC is a pretty bad disappointment for the X. I think the Tenere 700 is still too heavy. It is a very capable machine, but many people would not want to be out riding alone and drop that thing in a bad spot. The Versys-X is in...
  14. MalcolmReynolds

    Question Do you listen to music?

    No, I don't listen to music when I ride. I find I like listening to the sounds that the bike is making, the sounds around me and trying to take in as much as I can when riding. Something therapeutic about listening to the bike. I have owned bikes that have the radio, cd, ipod connections on...
  15. MalcolmReynolds

    " Dual Dorks" YouTube channel

    Around here you can have something on a map and listed as a road, but that all depends on if they are maintaining it, or if we have had severe weather go through. In those cases those roads look like the ones 670cc posted. So i am trying to not assume anything anymore. LOL
  16. MalcolmReynolds

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Lots of folks here on the forum say they were able to get the Madstad to work with the up and back risers. That did not work for me so I don't know what the malfunction is. I can't go full lock without hitting. I think you are right I probably need to find someone who can trim that windshield...
  17. MalcolmReynolds

    Is NC700X a Dual Sport bike. Yes, it is. And, no, is not.

    Same here, with the announcement the KLR was coming back improved I was giving it some thought as well. But you are right it is way over weight and packed on a few more #'s. Now I will just sit back and see what the reviews and owners have to say to see how it works out, but I really think...
  18. MalcolmReynolds

    Is NC700X a Dual Sport bike. Yes, it is. And, no, is not.

    This is why I think there is still an under-served niche in the market. A bike with enough displacement and gearing to get you down the highway without wanting to shoot yourself or get run over. And enough suspension and capability to handle the off road tasks and carry your stuff. A nice...
  19. MalcolmReynolds

    " Dual Dorks" YouTube channel

    If you watch Dual Dorks he completely agrees with you! LOL My riding is on the road, and there are lots of roads that turn to gravel or are just straight up gravel. As long as the NC can get me down a reasonably maintained gravel road I am happy. I don't have the off road skills to do much...
  20. MalcolmReynolds

    " Dual Dorks" YouTube channel

    He has a TW but the motor blew apart on him. He is normally riding it instead of the NC. He only recently spent some time to put the NC back together and has been riding it. He openly says he wouldn't normally be on the NC, but says the NC can do far more than most people give it credit for...