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  1. Beemerphile

    Horizons Unlimited Stecoah, NC - 2018

    HU Travellers Meeting North Carolina 2018 | Horizons Unlimited Anyone going to the 15th HU NC gathering this September? My friend Mike Kilpatrick and I went to the first one together and this is going to be the last one that he is hosting. I figure I will be there and would love to check in...
  2. Beemerphile

    Pro Honda SS-8 Suspension Fluid

    I have two 16 oz. sealed bottles of SS-8 (10 wt.) suspension fluid that is surplus to ongoing beemerphile operations. It is available to the first to PM for the cost of shipping. Lee
  3. Beemerphile

    Mo says hi!

    Perfect weather at KSL... Ok, except for sideways pictures
  4. Beemerphile

    The Last Ride of the Year - Stagecoach XX

    Who is going this year? As always, I am staying at the Windwood Inn in Bay Minette and planning to be at the dinner Thursday evening at Street's Seafood.
  5. Beemerphile

    Bandwidth limit exceeded?

    Forum seems to be in low bandwidth mode with crippled speed. Did we over-enjoy ourselves? Lee
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    Misc. Maintenance Tips

    Here are a few things I decided to document from my last maintenance session. Hopefully some of it will prove helpful. I don't intend to defend or debate any of it - it is simply how I do it. I use 10W-30 Amsoil motorcycle oil. There are lots of good motorcycle oils, so I am not selling...
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    A Honda SL350 visits the beemerphile shop

    My brother procured a 1971 SL350 that hasn't run in ages. I have been asked to do him a brotherly favor and get it running for him. I had one of these in the mid 1970's. Same year and color as his. Though neglected and then as a final insult "worked on" by a certified idiot who left half of...
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    Horizons Unlimited Stecoah, NC

    Registration just opened. October 6-9, 2016
  9. Beemerphile

    Beemerphiles will be beemerphiles...

    Well, ah ams whats ah ams, I guess. Unless it fails the inspection or test ride, I just made a deal to purchase this item as a replacement for my 2004 R1150R. It is a 2013 R1200GS Rallye - the very last of the non water-cooled boxers. The R1150 will be spit shined and sold. Someone will get...
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    Ride On! Another success story.

    I have been using the Ride On goop for a while and in the past have pulled off a tire with a ground down screw in it that I didn't know was there. Today in my pre-ride examination of the bike, I noticed a bit of drooling from a spot on the rear tire. It had been punctured by something that...
  11. Beemerphile

    Tire time.

    It seems with my fleet that everything needs tires at the same time. This is such a time. The NC and the R1150 both wear Pilot Road 4's. I caught a deal on the pair for the R1150 (180/55-17 + 120/70-17) but ended up having to pay more as separates for the NC700 (160/60-17 + 120/70-17). Go...
  12. Beemerphile

    Mosko Moto Backcountry 30L Duffle

    I saw these (along with several of you) at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in North Carolina and ordered the 30L bag along with a single and double accessory bag. Very well made stuff. I will use the single molle bag to store my Russell rain cover and the double molle bag to store my EZ Touring...
  13. Beemerphile

    Stagecoach XIX - The Last Ride of the Year

    I plan to attend on my R1150. Each year one bike gets picked as the extreme cold weather bike. Last year it was the NC and this year it is the R1150. The main night before gathering place is Windwood Inn in Bay Minette. It is probably full by now. There is always a dinner the night before...
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    Almost a face plant...

    I went up to T.W.O. in Suches, GA this morning to meet up with some NC'ers who double as Scooteristas. Namely LM15, Fuzzy, and Midnight Rider. After breakfast I rode with them until about 11AM when I broke off to go visit a friend who lives nearby in Chatsworth. On the way home from there...
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    New Laser Chain Alignment Gizmo

    I bought a set of tires recently and they popped up a special deal to buy a Laser alignment tool at a decent discount. So I bit on it. I like it a lot. You can aim it all the way up to the countershaft. Much more accurate than the MotionPro stick. Like the difference between pistol sights...
  16. Beemerphile

    Extreme Farkling: Series Regulator

    OK, this farkle is probably only of interest to engineers, gearheads, and inveterate tinkerers. If you are an "If It Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It" type, then please pardon the intrusion and spare yourself the rest of the post. There is no need to tell me that your regulator is working perfectly...
  17. Beemerphile

    Wheel bearing service ( copied from wheel bearing questions in the garage)

    I try very hard not to hammer old bearings out or new bearings in, but it takes a bit of equipment that many people will not have. The bearings are interference fit on the bearing OD. To reduce the possibility of damage it helps to temporarily reduce the interference. Less interference equals...
  18. Beemerphile

    You Have Mail!

    This forum has a member who really, really does not like me and makes these anonymous threats and attacks using disposable log-ins any time I post. He/she/it/they has/have been here for a long time and has/have attacked me here and other places. There is no way to have a discussion or try to...
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    battery drain problem - deeply pondered

    ...<snip> The topic I wanted to present is my continuing issue, findings, and solutions related to battery discharge. This has happened three times in two years - always at the most inopportune time. The last being while solo camping at the Manicouagan Reservoir in Québec on my way to...
  20. Beemerphile

    HONDABIKEPRO rear seat luggage plate

    Just a shout out to our friend Dale for making available another great piece of kit for the NC. Along with the bash plate and folding shift lever, he has done a lot to make the NC better suited to my intended use. I appreciate that he is willing to share. I will likely swap the soft bag and...