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  1. n30r3l0ad3d

    Bad news...

    Well it is official, I have let my 2013 NC700X go. I bought a 2014 CB1100, and it's an absolute amazing motorcycle. I will leave my youtube video's up for those who still have an NC, and as always if anyone has questions... Don't hesitate to ask. Catch you NC owners on the flip side. Ride...
  2. n30r3l0ad3d

    Thoughts on this exhaust?

    While I was browsing around for a new exhaust for my NC, I came across this. S/O CF BS HONDA NC700X 2012-13: Automotive Here is their website: Anyone have one?
  3. n30r3l0ad3d

    Puig Rear Hugger Install Hope this helps, and be sure to check out the video review:
  4. n30r3l0ad3d

    Rear hugger issues

    I bought a R&G rear hugger the other day and got around to installing it this weekend. To my shock, it will not work on my NC. Here's why: 1) The screw they give you to hold the stock philips screw is the wrong thread (thread types do not match). You will strip the head off the new screw if you...
  5. n30r3l0ad3d

    Dyno Testing

    This is more of a plea than anything, but it's worth a shot. Can anyone take their NC700X to a local place that has a dyno machine and do a run with an aftermarket air filter and or pipe? I really want to put my curiosity to rest, as to whether or not it actually does anything for the NC in...
  6. n30r3l0ad3d

    Oil Change A How-To video on changing the oil on a NC700X. Sorry for the channel left and right audio cutting out randomly, I was putting my finger over the mic. I want to thank the 8 new subs I picked up from the forums. I appreciate all...
  7. n30r3l0ad3d

    Seat Concepts Video Review And remember, pick your seat based on your needs. As with any seat, give it proper time to break in. Every seat / persons bottom is different. ;)
  8. n30r3l0ad3d

    OEM Centerstand Installation Hope this helps :D
  9. n30r3l0ad3d

    R&G Radiator Guard Install Hope this helps.
  10. n30r3l0ad3d

    NC700X Owner checking in

    Hi, new to the forums.. Michigan area. Been browsing them as a guest for the past couple weeks. Just bought my red non abs NC700X last Friday, and have about 160 miles on it. Love the bike, other than the seat. New seat on the way. Any mechanical questions, I will try to answer best I can. See...