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    How to wash, polish, wax and beautify your machine?

    I agree with wozza, I used water and soap one time, on one of my bikes (800 Interceptor) and the water caused a misfire on one of the cylinders. Since then, I only wipe with some house cleaner/degreaser and use Plexus Cleaner on paint and plastic, it works magic...
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    New toy

    Welcome from LA....Same as you, I started a new job in January, not a long commute but traffic is a nightmare going thru Downtown. I'm happy with my NC and happy to use Express Lanes for free....
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    Super control skills

    Is that Tony Stark (AKA Ironman) ??? I thought he retired....
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    Vibration / Noise while idling

    Hello and thank you to everyone on this forum. Now is my turn to ask and keep learning from all of you : Has anyone noticed a vibration and hissing sound while idling, that goes away when clutch is slightly applied ? Vibration is transmited thru the clutch lever like if the clutch pack...
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    Which motor oil do you suggest?

    Is it safe to use "regular gasoline engine oil" in a motorcycle engine ??...I have been reading about this everywhere and I believe is a good discussion point. I have seen some people recommend the Rotella T6 5w40 for example which is for Diesel engines. I haven't had the oportunity to open up...
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    So what did you do TO your NC700 today.

    Nancy needs lots of Luve...
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    New member welcome thread..

    Hi Dennis, hello everyone. My name is Al, I work as a Warranty Analyst for a Tractor Corp in California. I want to thank you and everyone here for such a great site for information. :cool: