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    Porous wheel

    I have a '12 bought new in '13. The rear tire has lost 2 to 3 lbs per week since new, while the front never looses air. Over the Winter the rear will drop to 10lbs...so maybe there is something not quite right. T
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    Eliminate the rev limiter?

    I dont understand why so many folks use this post to comment on the engine design. The poster says he has been riding 50 years so I figure he already knows torque vs horsepower. I too would like to kick the limiter to the curb, while still fully appreciating the design and tuning of the motor...
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    Vibrations smoothed out after break-in?

    My 2 cents: keep the revs up like over 3500 if your putting a load on the motor. While it makes good torque down low it is not making significant hp...given displacement. I find this twin to be much less buzzy than an I4 and smoother than other twins ive owned. Does get smoother and more...
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    You know you're getting great gas mileage when . . .

    You know your getting great gas mileage when... Who cares what gas cost! Averaging 75 mpg. If we didnt run part ethanol mpg would be much higher. Tom
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    How does the large windshield handle in a head wind

    I bought the medium sized parabellum. Im 5-8, 30 inch inseam. Found the parabellum worked ok on headwind but not so good in crosswind. Cut it down several times so now 19 inch high and seems like good compromise. I actually liked the short stock screen...seemed to reduce front blast with minimal...
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    Looks like the NC750 has been confirmed

    I think it is a marketing move to address the perception of a lack of power, at least by the us press. Probably 5-8 more hp. I would expect almost no other changes as apparently the bike is a big success in Europe and elsewhere. I don't need the extra hp but would really like the rev limit...