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  1. mrbios

    Question R-Gaza Touring Crash Bars?

    It went beyond that and the tire actually contacted the frame and left a light black rubber mark on it. Last year I welded angle iron over the crash bar to cover up the scuffed parts and then did both sides. R-Gaza crash bars are look like aluminum but they are actually powder-coated steel so...
  2. mrbios

    Seeking: Heated grips, adjustable windshield, centerstand

    Sorry, haven't been on here in a bit. Angle Iron to cover up the scratches on the right side and add some strength and while I had the welder out added mounts for driving lights and a round mount possibly for a GoPro type action cam.
  3. mrbios

    Suzuki SALVAGE 650...

    Does anyone know if a Suzuki SALVAGE 650 would make a reliable first bike? :)
  4. mrbios

    Seeking: Heated grips, adjustable windshield, centerstand

    I added all three. Bought in Sept 2019 with 33K miles, currently have 51K miles and running great. 1. Center Stand - oem from a local or online Honda dealer will run around $120? - for install you MUST use a ratchet strap to compress the spring - lots of videos online. 2. Heated Grips - I...
  5. mrbios

    Motorcycle crash - speeding, driving in bus lane

    As usual people will rush to say the car was at fault for turning in front of a motorcycle ignoring the fact that he was going maybe 2x or more the speed limit in the bus lane. Time to slow down especially when approaching intersections. I can remember only 1 car that tried to make a left in...
  6. mrbios

    Welded new spot light mounts & customized handlebars

    I first mounted my driving lights aka spot lights (concentrated pencil beam pattern vs fog lights which disperse light everywhere) too low the way fog lights get mounted then realized after looking at a friends sportster with driving lights mounted on the sides of the headlight that higher is...
  7. mrbios

    Question Self cancelling indicators

    Motorcycles are garbage. My 1992 BMW K75S had self canceling signal lights. They were perfect - they don't cancel until the bike goes over 25 or 30mph. A couple of years ago I added piezoelectric speakers / buzzers to my handlebars so I don't forget my signal lights on. Cars have had them...
  8. mrbios

    Where do you think I should stick it?

    Anywhere, almost no one rides motorcycles in the US. I've forgotten my keys in the trunk in plain site at Walmart at night - homeless everywhere and nothing missing. Basically, anywhere out of site will do. I'm planning to do the same thing.
  9. mrbios

    Battery drain question

    Should not be needed. I was gone for over 2 months and when I got back - bike started with no problem. Live in San Diego where it doesn't get cold but still no maintainer should be needed especially after 5 days or even a few weeks. Over the winter or any long storage - definitely.
  10. mrbios

    Need Help Cheap throttle lock install goes wrong.

    It's definitely not for everyone and you might consider the type I show near the end of the video where applying the brake cancels the throttle lock. Interestingly, my 1992 bmw k75s had a factory throttle lock in the form of a large screw that adds resistance to the throttle assembly.
  11. mrbios

    Need Help Cheap throttle lock install goes wrong.

    Household solid wire 15 or 12 AWG - Throttle Lock Works better than anything I have ever used because it requires minor adjustment, is ultra slim, never wears out and is probably the only universally compatible solution that works with all grips, handlebars, thickness, heated grips and other...
  12. mrbios

    Question Looking for tire reccomendations under $200 for whole set.

    I installed Shinko Ravens in 2/5/2021 the rear is almost smooth in the center with 12,800 miles and will retire the rear at about 13K the front easily can last 3K+
  13. mrbios

    2014 NC700X Manual - 2500 miles - Denver, CO - $5000

    Nice looking bike and a solid crash bar.
  14. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    That will absolutely prevent fading. In my case I as I looked at the faded plastic from 7 years of uncovered storage outside I kept hearing: The Living Years by Mike + the Mechanics "It's too late (it's too late) when we die (oh when we die) To admit we don't see eye to eye...." and for time I...
  15. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    I have that exact same can and use it on the windshield and reflective part of the mirrors.
  16. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    No, that plastic is harder and I would worry about damaging it or warping the HI/LOW switch. I have applied the polyurethane and it has the effect of darkening the plastic. Also, if that was not enough and since they are small they could easily be sanded and painted black with a sponge instead...
  17. mrbios

    Back to Black - The forever edition - restoring faded plastic

    Cleaned the plastic with a cloth and soapy water then made sure the surface was dry. Spent about 30 minutes on each side with a heat gun from harbor freight - you can watch videos to learn proper technique. After things cooled down I applied Bear brand water based Spar Polyurethane with a...
  18. mrbios

    Coolant Consumption 2012 NC700X 46K miles

    Coolant Consumption 2012 NC700X 46K miles.... I bought this bike from the original owner in 2019 @ 33K miles. At some point around 35K miles? I noticed the reservoir was low and I filled it up. Last time I checked it was 2 years ago when I had to replace a damaged radiator hose at that time...
  19. mrbios

    Givi E22n saddlebags

    My guess would be if someone had a aftermarket exhaust that got in the way of opening the side bag or if it was packed with clean clothing that might spill out?