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    Kickstand 2020? Land of the Dragon.

    I know it is early but..... We want to come up again. Need to plan. May 14-17???
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    I had a letter answered

    I recently wrote a letter to the editor of MCN complaining about the lack of points to attach Bungee cords on the newer bikes. Besides the "luggage rack" and "strapping systems that mount under the pillion seat" (what are those?) the posted answer included "replacing exterior hex-head bolts...
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    I can change a battery in a few minutes - NOT!

    I can change a battery on an NC in a few minutes even though it is pretty well packed away and has a ridiculously short positive wire and the rubber retaining strap is tricky to re-install - NOT! Alternate title "You Get What You Pay For". So my battery failed to start the bike twice. Many...
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    Highway Pegs on new GIVI bars

    So, A son and I put on the GIVI bars with little difficulty thanks to all the great people here. Now for some highway pegs so I can get a little break to my legs now and again. My first purchase was great, I thought...
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    I Want Protection

    I want protection but it is just too hot. I am unable to stand the heat and even putting on a mesh jacket seems too much for me in the Florida summers. Just got the new Aerostitch catalog and yea they have what they say is cool but they are not in the south and I just can't take it inside...
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    Oil filter again?

    One son needs the annual oil/filter service. I have looked at past threads and remain confused a little bit. dduelin, following your link for the filters I note shipping doubles the cost. Maybe worth it? The Fram site search results in 6017A. Parts Search | FRAM The NC is there. We have...
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    Now that we have the new fork kits and rear shocks...........

    Welll.... The three of us now have the Race Tech rear shock replacement with appropriate spring weight and the fork kits (gold valve emulators and springs). Unfortunately we only have the return trip from the shop and a couple of errand miles on them. Two of us have had medical...
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    WHICH SHOCK? Make it easy for me.

    I did some searches and can't find what I have read before. Please point me to the answer. I am going to buy the shock that makes it easy. The one that is for the Aprillia (sp??) that fits fine. Also a different spring from ??? that matches weight. We have three NCs and three riders...
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    Nobody will patch my tire!!

    SO. I have a new oops, I mean Michelin Pilot Road 4 with two small holes from some sort of staple that has less than 50 miles on it. Just.................DANG!!! I put two plugs in it and it holds air just fine but since the Dragon meet is coming I decided I just did not want chance the...
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    I don't know how or where to let people know about this stuff. My brother has one running SL125 and a complete CB125 in pieces. There is another SL frame and several engines (one rebuilt) and multiple parts. The CB is the only one with a title. Is there anybody that can lead me to some one...
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    Return to the land of the Dragon.....yet again.....2018

    Did I miss one of these threads? If not let's do it again! Pick a date someone. I can do almost any date but my boys have to work and put in early. P.S. Most all questions and answers are at Return to the Land of the Dragon...again....2017
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    Now that we are back from nc and the tail of the dragon

    We are in Florida with flat straight roads with some boring turns here and there. So we have to settle with things like......Ta Dummmmm.............TAIL OF THE GECKO. Florida's Hidden Twisty Motorcycle Road - Tail of the Gecko
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    Polish shields ???

    Shields are expensive. Headlights are expensive (car ones are anyway - I don't know about MCs for sure) Is there a way to polish lightly scratched shields and tinted drop-down sun visors like the car headlight stuff? Anyone tried it? Seems simple......................yea I...
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    Again. No notifications. I checked settings again and subscribed to several just to see. The only other thing I have done is log out and back in. (Just now) ???
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    Cloud chasing

    Yesterday out for a little ride and on the way home went North on Shoal Line Blvd toward home. I caught up with a cloud shadow and paced it. 54mph. I always think that is really cool to do. SW winds hold/push the water up and the spring keeps pumping water into the river no matter what. We...
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    Honda Riding Assist Technology

    What do you all think of this?? Based on the NC platform. Heh. Honda Riding Assist Technology Honda Riding Assist Technology Lets Motorcycles Balance Themselves I have noted that there are fewer and fewer brain functions needed to survive these days. But I think that has been happening...
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    stopped getting notifications.

    I don't see a site technical section of the forum. I stopped getting notifications of threads I am subscribed to. I do know that Verizon sold out to AOL for thier email but I still have the same Verizon email addresss and I get email from other forums. I did check "settings" and...
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    Front wheel holder for lift???

    Help! One search came up with two results. (motorcycle lift wheel trap) One came up with 43. (motorcycle lift) I have the Harbor freight lift and know the wheel clamp is not good. Some here have replaced it with a known good brand and I cannot remember what it/they is/are. I think they were...
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    What torque wrench?

    The thing about the handlebars got me thinking what torque wrench to ask for for Christmas. I have one of the old Craftsman that goes from 4-50 ft. lb. and a newer clicker that goes from 10-75 ft. lb. Not much good for most things on the NC knowing that working the middle of the wrenches range...
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    Spring ride - south east - ga/nc

    So, apparently there is a ride in the spring where things are nice. Stecoah, NC the weekend prior to memorial weekend. Stay at the Kickstand lodge. This year that makes it the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. I don't mind some weekend stuff and meeting but since I am going so far I am going...