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    Finished Route 66

    So, just finished up Route 66. We picked up the bikes from Daily Direct in Milwaukee on the morning of June 19th and headed down to Chicago to get started. Unfortunately the fountain was down and there was no parking within a few blocks of the waterfront, but we did tag the official start...
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    Riding all of Route 66 this summer. What tools would you bring?

    So, I'm packing up for a late June full ride of Route 66. We've got a couple weeks left to get the bikes to the shipper (end of May), so just enough time to order stuff. My bike was used and did not have the stock Honda tools. Aside from the obvious items to adjust and clean the chain/patch...
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    Mounting Tusk Panniers

    So, I'm planning a full Route 66 trip with my brother this summer and I need panniers on a budget. The Tusk boxes look great and are sturdy enough to even use for camps stools. The problem, of course, is that Tusk just won't make a rack for our bikes. I know several people have posted pics of...
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    2013 nc700xd leaking coolant from the exhaust. - RESOLVED

    Bought this bike with 3,000 miles on it. I've only put on 600. It sat a couple weeks over the holidays. Went out today and just kicked it over and let it warm up and noticed fluid dripping from the exhaust. It's green. Head gasket, cracked or warped head, cracked intake manifold, or cracked...