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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    ^ yes sir, care to take yours apart and share what you learn?
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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    thanks thats kind of what i got out of the tread, hopefully a lock smith will chime in here. not sure if you need a correctly fitting key to open up the cylinder and make the change, but if you do I guess i could disassemble the cylinder and have to buyer arrange the wafers to his ignition key...
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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    hopefully someone can take a look at the tread i bumped and let me know, Im suppose to decide on this bike by tomorrow. It seems to me that if i take the lock apart before shipping the buyer could use his ignition key to perform the operation. thanks 670 sorry i missed you on my trip, only got...
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    Re-key Honda panniers

    Im bumping this thread because im in a situation where i may buy a bike with oem side cases but the seller says he has no luggage keys. so could a buyer of these bags disassemble these locks and rekey to his ignition with no luggage keys?
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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    ok i found a thread, it looks like you can move the tumblers around in the luggage lock cylinder to match your bikes ignition lock cylinder. the seller of the bike said he has no luggage keys so my question is, if I sell this luggage can the buyer use his existing ignition key to perform this...
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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    so I may have some oem luggage that is said to be keyed to the ignition. so my question is how would one use that luggage on a different bike? anyone know?
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    Tail light mod

    I say we're only limited by our ability, imagination, time and money. If you build it, they might come.
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    2019 AIMExpo Recap

    30,000 united states dollars? It feels like I went to sleep and woke up 40 years from now.
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    Black or White?

    I'm a fan of mixing camo and hi viz, the juxtaposition simply can't be described in words.
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    Front tire wobbling on 35 mph?

    I'de pull the brake caliber and check the balance of the wheel on the bike
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    going to live a bit longer!

    take care of yourself John
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    what iphone case do u use?

    just got a iphone 7 and i need a case that has excellent grip first and foremost. Are the ones with screen protectors better or worse or do you prefer a case without a protector? What features have you found to be important? thanks
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    2012 NC700X, Very Clean

    this bike is sold, and not to me
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    Ive come off just about everything with wheels multiple times. The worst was a cantaloupe sized rash that i tore open twice skateboarding in pools. Ill take that any day over a broken bone. I came of a bike wearing motorcycle boots, absolutely zero rash, but 12 broken bones in my foot. So...
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    Brake Rotor Question

    u have a center stand on that bike?
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    Brake Rotor Question

    tomorrow the op will say I FOUND the problem, it was a dead squirrel wrapped around my brake rotor.
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    Brake Rotor Question

    so your saying its impossible for there to be another cause, and in this case there is a cover up being perpetrated? I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but dam JD. just playin you know.
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    Brake Rotor Question

    yes JD tru dat, then of course it could be a bent wheel or something else causing a problem for both rotors could it not? I'de say thats more likely than the mechanic dropping a part then installing the damaged part. if the op can get the wheel off the ground and spin it, maybe then he can...
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    Negative comments from others about DCT

    if anyone teased me about the nc. just say, by the time it takes to adjust your valves, I will have adjusted mine, be 1000 miles away eating a steak dinner paid for with the money saved in gas. and if they still laugh, kick um in the balls and run.