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    how to rekey OEM luggage ??

    so I may have some oem luggage that is said to be keyed to the ignition. so my question is how would one use that luggage on a different bike? anyone know?
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    what iphone case do u use?

    just got a iphone 7 and i need a case that has excellent grip first and foremost. Are the ones with screen protectors better or worse or do you prefer a case without a protector? What features have you found to be important? thanks
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    was thinking of buying some cool riding pants till I saw some prices OMG! I think I'll take a skinned knee thank you.
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    motorcycling pet peeves

    was reading a thread here and someone said "other adventure activities" Im not sure why the term "adventure" irks me, probably my age. I'm waiting for "tactical" motorcycle accessories, or dream of dreams the worlds first "tactical adventure bike" Is there something wrong with me? If you...
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    still unsure after reading auxiliary fuel tank threads

    I've read all the threads I can find and none of them clarified to my understanding what works and what doesn't. So let me ask my question this way. If I place a vented container of fuel on the passenger seat and stick a hose down to the bottom of that container, and run that hose to the...
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    frunk lid accent pieces

    anyone know how thos two black accent pieces on the frunk lid are attached, glue/push pins/grommets etc.? thanks
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    bags temp rating and ambient temp?

    have you found that your bags comfort temp rating keeps your comfortable if the ambient drops to the rating temp?
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    does 700 oem luggage fit on the 750?

    appreciate the info.!
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    don't want to be rude and not introduce myself. If I get a nc it will be my 8th bike. Hopefully my last. test rode one today and was more impressed than if I just relied on internet banter. I have a deal in the works, but if that falls through there are always more out there. I look forward...
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    anyone lowered their gauges?

    wondering if theres been any chatter about lower the gauges.
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    what would you give for a 2013 nc700x?

    Im looking at a 2013 with 31,000miles and no damage to make this simple lets say its bone stock. what would you give for it?
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    how much is oem luggage worth second hand?

    first hi all, just rode an nc700 for the first time today, and it was much better than what I have read online. anyhow the bike has full oem luggage sides top case and brackets. I won't be needing these so I want to know how much would a really good price for the buyer (including shipping)...